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Will Potter - author & award-winning journalist

This talk was recorded at Kindness House on the 1st August 2013 as part of an Australian & NZ speaking tour. Will Potter's Australian speaking tour was supported by Kindness Trust.

Will Potter is an American independent journalist and public speaker, based in Washington, D.C. He has written for several publications, including the Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, and Legal Affairs. In his writings, he has focused on how the "war on terrorism" affects civil liberties. He has become a leading critic of the Green Scare, through his website, Green Is The New Red. He has written several articles on this topic, as well as participating in conferences and giving lectures at universities, with some of his papers used in courses. In 2006, he spoke to the U.S. Congress about his reporting on these issues, and in 2008 his article about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, was discussed in the book, Censored 2008, as one of the top 25 overlooked news stories of 2007.

Will's work has brought the world's attention to the U.S. government's post-911 repression of environmental and animal rights activists, also known as the Green Scare.

The night was introduced by Phil Wollen, OAM.

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