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Myq Kaplan AKA

We’re joined by comedian Myq Kaplan who discusses comedy and veganism.


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We're joined by sociologist Corey Wrenn who discusses the impact coronavirus/COVID-19 has had on animals, as well as the role of eating animals in this virus and many other diseases.


For more on this issue, have a look at the publications on COVID-19 and animals for the Animals and Society Section of the American Sociological Association:


This show features environmental activist Mark Allen on working together across different social movements, particularly in light of recent tensions between environmental and animal movements. There are also some interviews with activists who were addressing the environmental impact of animal agriculture at the Climate Crisis: National Day of Action - Melbourne.


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Emma and Willow the sheep sitting on some stairs

We speak to Emma Hakansson, who works to create a kinder world for animals. Her passion for ethical fashion—ethical being vegan, fair and sustainable—has seen her found Willow Creative Co., a content production and ethics consultation agency for fashion labels. She is a model, a writer and is involved in various campaigns including Animal Liberation Victoria, Wool Truth and Goat Truth.

This show features a talk on the debate in the animal advocacy movement around “single issue campaigns” that focus on one particular product or form of animal exploitation, examples include anti-fur campaigns and advocating against the dog meat trade.

Jacy Reese

This podcast is of a recent presentation given at the University of Tasmania.  "Reese will trace out a roadmap for how humanity is transitioning to the end of animal farming. The timeline has four stages: Foundation, Revolution, Stigmatization, and Follow-Through.

In this week’s show, we check the pulse of the vegan community in Melbourne by speaking to people at the Spring Vegan Festival that was held at the old Meat Market. We discuss the challenges facing animals, what is inspiring about the vegan movement and where people find hope.

On this episode, we hear a talk by Dr Nick Pendergrast called Cowspiracies about Meat Eating Environmentalists: A Critical Examination of the Environmental Vegan Movement, delivered at the 2016 Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania Conference in Canberra, and we remember non-human mothers by reading out some stories and messages from listeners.

Members from Deakin University Vegan Society, Monash Vegan Society, and University of Melbourne Animal Protection Society joined us in the studio to discuss all things veganism and animal protection at University campuses. Universities have a large audience of young people ready to connect with the animal movement. We'll learn how these three groups are making those connections and how well it's working.

*Image of a vegan bbq at Deakin University

This is the second part of the presentation given by Dr Michael Klaper at Melbourne's Astor Theatre in April 2016, an event hosted by Animal Liberation Victoria.  Only the first part of the presentation was broadcast on the radio and is entitled Dr Michael Klaper  - Advocate for a plant-based diet.  It is in the Shows tab of this website.  (Due to the length of the digital recording, it was necessary to split it into two files.)

Dr Klaper is an acclaimed doctor, dedicated environmentalist, and passionate educator. He has been a champion of the vegan diet since the early 1980s, recognising the devastating impacts that animal agriculture has on human and planetary health and, of course, on animals. 

He has been an advisor to NASA on vegan diets for astronauts, is the recipient of the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award in 1995, and is author of two books,Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple, and Pregnancy, Children, and the Vegan Diet.  He has also served as scientific director of the environmental organisation Earthsave, founded by John Robbins.  Dr Klaper had a brief but memorable appearance in the documentary Cowspiracy where he uttered the now oft-quoted line “The purpose of cow’s milk is to turn a 65-pound calf into a 700-pound cow as rapidly as possible. Cow’s milk is baby calf growth fluid.”