On this week's show we talk with Clare Mann. Clare is a vegan psychologist, best-selling author and passionate animal advocate. She helps advocates communicate important issues effectively and reaches diverse audiences with the message of animal social justice. She works directly with clients who are struggling with anxiety and trauma that underpins many people's choice of becoming vegan and helps them communicate their values and live in a non-vegan world. ( She runs regular free webinars for advocates wishing to improve their communication skills (

This week we speak with Michael Bayliss, and Federal Member for Wills, Kelvin Thomson MP, about 'Victoria First'.

'Victoria First' is an organisation established to safeguard and enhance Victoria's way of life through halting rapid population growth and over-development.

We will be in particular hearing about the effect of increasing human populations on both human and non-human residents of Victoria.

Victoria First website

We talk to Jason Kirkpatrick, activist, film maker and former acquiantance of British Metropolitan police spy Mark Kennedy. Jason is currently filming a documentary 'Spied Upon' which shows his side of the story of those targeted by secret police, while revealing at a human scale today's complex international spying apparatus, a system that has spun out of control. Spied Upon promises to add to the international
debate about spying and undercover policing, just as related court cases and parliamentary debates heat up in the UK and globally.

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This week we talk to Milesh, Susmitha, Arun and Vinay from Vegan Bengaluru (Bangalore, India).

Milesh and Susmitha discuss the vegan community in Bengaluru, Vinay his work in animal rescue and Arun the work of equine welfare organisation Samabhava.

Vegan Bengaluru & VGF:

The equine welfare organisation that Arun is involved with:

Stop UK Repression

An interview with Emma & Lorna from "Stop UK Repression". Emma & Lorna discuss their recent trial at the Old Bailey, which was the cumulation of a major UK police operation mounted in response to a peaceful five minute demonstration and leafleting session. They then go on to discuss the ways in which the British government uses the law to harass political activists, and what activists are doing in response. This interview was recorded at the UK Animal Rights gathering in August 2013.

Stop UK Repression was formed to create a network of resistance and solidarity with people in the UK who are experiencing state repression due to their political beliefs and alleged involvement in campaigns, protest groups and activism.

A show for the oceans. We begin with an interview with Dan Burke of marine protection organisation The Black Fish.

Following this we chat with Alice Wilkin of Melbourne based group Bluefin Action.

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Sarah Davison is standing as the second Senate candidate in Victoria for the Animal Justice Party.

The Animal Justice Party has been established to give voice to those who have none – to pursue the vital issues of animal protection through the Australian Parliamentary System by:

• Encouraging the adoption of animal-friendly policies by other political parties
• Demonstrating that voters care about animal issues by contesting elections
• Educating the electorate about the animal policies of candidates from other political parties.

President of the Animal Justice Party, Professor Steve Garlick explains the need for the party by saying “For the many voters wanting to truly help animals, a new door has opened. It is not entrapped with any compromise – it is the Animal Justice Party”,

Tune in to get the lowdown on the AJP in the upcoming federal election – its history, policies and party preferencing.

Be informed. Be a political animal!

This week's show features an interview with Josh Harper, former SHAC-7 political prisoner and genius behind The Talon Conspiracy.
Josh discusses life after prison, and gives his thoughts on the need to remember the history of the movement, Karl Marx's attitude to animal rights, intersectionality, and hypocrisy in the movement. A packed interview with a legendary ativist.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty SHAC

"Ag-Gag" Laws: This week's show features an interview with Amy Meyer, the first person to be charged under Utah's law against photographing agricultural operations. We then hear from Mark Pearson, President of Animal Liberation, about recent legal cases which could have had severe consequences for Australian animal activists.

This week we have the second of our talks by Dr Andrew Knight presented on his recent speaking tour of Australia.

This one is about Humane Verterinary Training, we will also be joined in the studio by Dr Marianne Bol.

Marianne the first person to qualify as a vet in Australia using humane methods.

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