Scary Goats interview 3cr studio

On this show we discuss the horror/comedy play ‘Scary Goats Tour’ with the producer of the play Chloe Towan and cast member Dominik Shields.


You can find more information about this play on the Facebook page:

You can buy tickets here:


Dilan and Harley

On this show we’re joined by Dilan Fernando and Harley McDonald-Eckersall who discuss Animal Rebellion, an organisation that connects animals and the climate crisis by advocating for a plant-based food system.


This is our final show for the year. We'll be taking a break from the show over Summer and will be back to normal programming on the 19th Jan. Summer Specials will be running in the time slot for the next 4 weeks.


Nick, Harley, Adam and Christian (from left to right)

On this show we recap some of the key themes and ideas raised at the recent Liberated Futures conference, which was all about creating better futures for all animals.


For more information about this conference, see the Facebook event page:


free animals

We're joined by animal advocates Meghan and Harley who discuss changes in the movement over the decades, the importance of centering animals in the animal liberation movement and the place of animals in the environmental movement.


Madison Griffiths

On this show, we introduce our newest team member, Madison Griffiths, who discusses growing opposition to the Melbourne Cup horse race, the common association between eating meat and masculinity, and the new Netflix documentary The Game Changers that challenges this connection by looking into athletes eating a plant-based diet.


Animal Activists Forum

On this show, we discuss some of the talks and key themes from the recent Animal Activists Forum, which took place in Melbourne.


You can find out more about this Forum and listen to talks from previous events here:


Stop Animal Experimentation

This show features representatives from the new activist group Collectively Free – melbourne who discuss their Animals Against Animal Experiments campaign, Liberated Futures conference and the importance of standing up against all forms of oppression.


Collectively Free – melbourne Facebook page:


Animals Against Animal Experiments campaign:


dont have a cow

On this show we’re joined by activist Meghan Street, host of Green Left Radio on 3CR, who discusses the recent Global Strike For Climate marches and how vegan activists can better connect with environmental and Left movements. Meghan also covers how the desire for constant growth harms the environment and the other animals we share it with.


You can listen to Green Left Radio on 3CR every Friday from 7 to 8:30am plus catch up on shows here:


Paul-Mikhail Catapang Podosky

We’re joined by social philosopher Paul-Mikhail Catapang Podosky who discusses his academic work exploring the way the meat-eating industry uses the term “humane” to avoid the questioning of the killing of animals.


Melissa Laing

We’re joined by PhD candidate Melissa Laing who discusses her research on social workers standing up for companion animals, in addition to their human clients.