Jason Gillespie

This show features cricketing legend and Veganuary ambassador Jason “Dizzy” Gillespie on the growing number of cricketers becoming vegan, reflections on his cricket career, the documentary Earthlings, challenging speciesism (discrimination based on species), the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and Indigenous veganism.


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Roger Yates

On this show we’re joined by animal activist and sociologist Roger Yates. The discussion covers a wide range of topics, including: his activism with the Vegan Information Project, online activism in a time when other forms of activism are less possible, challenging an “animals only” mindset in the movement, the animal rights versus welfare debate, and using humour in advocacy.



Myq Kaplan AKA

We’re joined by comedian Myq Kaplan who discusses comedy and veganism.


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We're joined by sociologist Corey Wrenn who discusses the impact coronavirus/COVID-19 has had on animals, as well as the role of eating animals in this virus and many other diseases.


For more on this issue, have a look at the publications on COVID-19 and animals for the Animals and Society Section of the American Sociological Association:

Scary Goats interview 3cr studio

On this show we discuss the horror/comedy play ‘Scary Goats Tour’ with the producer of the play Chloe Towan and cast member Dominik Shields.


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This show features environmental activist Mark Allen on working together across different social movements, particularly in light of recent tensions between environmental and animal movements. There are also some interviews with activists who were addressing the environmental impact of animal agriculture at the Climate Crisis: National Day of Action - Melbourne.


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Charlie and Katie

On this show animal activist Katie Batty discusses some of the companion animals she has shared her home with (including Charlie pictured here) as a starting point to investigate our relationships with companion animals and animals generally.


Dilan and Harley

On this show we’re joined by Dilan Fernando and Harley McDonald-Eckersall who discuss Animal Rebellion, an organisation that connects animals and the climate crisis by advocating for a plant-based food system.


This is our final show for the year. We'll be taking a break from the show over Summer and will be back to normal programming on the 19th Jan. Summer Specials will be running in the time slot for the next 4 weeks.


Nick, Harley, Adam and Christian (from left to right)

On this show we recap some of the key themes and ideas raised at the recent Liberated Futures conference, which was all about creating better futures for all animals.


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free animals

We're joined by animal advocates Meghan and Harley who discuss changes in the movement over the decades, the importance of centering animals in the animal liberation movement and the place of animals in the environmental movement.