Vegans Are Taking Over The World

On this show we discuss some recent news stories on veganism and animal activism that have been published in light of the Dominion Animal Liberation disruption that involved blocking streets in Melbourne and many other actions around Australia.

The articles that we discuss are:

A man making juice in front of a barrier wall in occupied Palestine

On this show we're joined Dilan Fernando to talk about his recent trip to Palestine and the work of the Palestinian Animal League. He discusses the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and how this influences and impacts animal activism.  

Bede Carmody

This show features some of Bede Carmody’s talk Sustainable Activism: How to avoid becoming burnt out as an activist. You can listen to the full talk at the following link and the description on this site also has links to further resources and to listen to other talks from the conference it was recorded at:

Harley McDonald-Eckersall

On this show, we introduce our newest team member, Harley McDonald-Eckersall, and we discuss the animal movement and where she fits within it.

Harley is a part of the group Young Voices for Animals:

polar bear

We’re joined by Jim Kremar, environmental activist and one of the hosts of the SUWA show on 3CR, who discusses the place of animals in the environmental movement.


You can listen to the SUWA show on 3CR every Friday from 5.30-6.30pm and catch up on episodes here:


Jim also recommends the following groups for those who are interested in getting involved in environmental activism:


Greg McFarlane

On this show we’re joined by Greg McFarlane, the Director of Vegan Australia. He discusses the rise of veganism and the various ways Vegan Australia promote veganism, both on an individual and society-wide level. You can find out more about and support Vegan Australia at:


Maori vegetables

This episode features Jon Pawson on how his veganism fits within Maori culture and decolonisation. Jon is from the Facebook group “Māori and Pasifika Vegans”:

Christian Freitag

We’re joined by vegan and frequent flyer Christian Freitag who gives tips on travelling as a vegan.  Check out Christian’s Instagram ‘alwaysthen’ for travel photos.

For more information on vegan travel including links to some of the resources we mentioned throughout the show, check out the following article:

go vegan

This show features advice to help people to go vegan and stay vegan. This includes eating out, shopping for vegan products at your local supermarket, veganism beyond diet, and much more!

 This Facebook post contains links to the resources mentioned throughout the show:

Olly Hornung

This show features Olly Hornung’s talk "You Did What?! Creative Tactics and Strategies to Boost Your Campaign".