native animals

We play part of the recent Sydney seminar titled "Rethinking Kangaroos" & hosted by Voiceless.

"Australia's iconic kangaroos are hunted in the largest commercial slaughter of land-based wildlife on the planet.

While similar wildlife trades, such as the Canadian seal hunt or the Japanese whaling industry, attract global condemnation due to their brutality, the kangaroo hunt is unchallenged.

Is it simply a matter of our perception that allows this hunt to continue unopposed?

It is time to prick those ears up & listen in for the Foxes!
We chat with the Founder of Sydney Fox Rescue, Charlie Jackson-Martin & Dr Arian Wallach from the Charles Darwin Universitys School of Environment about the recent Pest Control Order put out by the NSW Gov't.

Tune in as we pay some attention to the Emu who is more than deserving of it! The Emu is a superstar for our biodiversity & holds much star power & recognition in Australian Aboriginal sacred stories and culture. We talk all things Emu with well renowned Wilcannia NSW artist Badger Bates, Environmentalist Steve Ross about his rescued companion emu named Miss Rissole (!) and we also discover why "oils ain't oils" when it comes to intensive farming of Emus with Lynda Stoner of Animal Liberation NSW.

 We chat  with Rheya Linden, Campaign Director of Animal Active focusing on her work with the Brushtail and Ringtail Possums in Melbourne, the subject of which will be the focus of an upcoming documentary, "Possum Wars" to be aired on the ABC. The inspiring & dedicated Rheya holds true to an "unassailable ethic of care" at the core of her activism and never strays from it!

The tiny Leadbeater's Possum is under very serious threat of extinction. Yet this is not an exotic species thousands of miles away. This is an endemic species at our own back door - here on the edge of metropolitan Melbourne.

We speak to dedicated key players in the campaign to save Victoria's faunal emblem and how this species acts as the 'canary in the coalmine' of sustainable forest management: Dr Dan Harley from Zoos Victoria, Pam Miskin from Friends of Leadbeater's Possum, and Sarah Rees from My Environment.


We chat with the dedicated & inspiring wildlife carer Louise Bonomi & listen to Vegan Smythe's new tune, along with news & upcoming not-to-be-missed events.

Wildlife carers often work through the night and care for our precious and vitally important wildlife in order to release them back into their natural habitat - a habitat that is under extreme pressure from our human encroachment.


After all, wildlife carers are taking responsibility for the rest of society.

What do wildlife carers gain? Many sleepless nights and they often foot the bill for much food and equipment... however, the rewards for seeing the animals released back into their environment is beyond heartfelt words.

This week, we'll hear about the planned extension of Western Australia's State Barrier Fence, AKA Rabbit Proof Fence. We'll be chatting with Keith Bradby from Gondwana Link and Jenny Lau from Birdlife Australia.