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Dylan Powell is the co-founder of Marineland Animal Defense (M.A.D) a grassroots organisation implementing a pressure campaign to shutdown Marineland Canada... & by Marineland's feverish SLAPP happy response, it appears to be working !

Dylan talks DIY activism, campaign strategies, whistle blowing employees, SLAPP suits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) and the pearls of wisdom hidden amongst the pages of The Talon Conspiracy archival activist zines.

Historian, author and educator Jason Hribal has dedicated the past 15 years to exploring ideas about animal agency and resistance to exploitation, often striking at the roots of rigid academic theory.

His book 'Fear of the Animals Planet – The Hidden History of Animal Resistance' and contributions to CounterPunch bring his meticulously researched, well–considered, yet controversial theories to the general readership ... to much applause and even, standing ovations, wolf whistles and shouts of 'more, more'.

From humble jungle beginnings, today the pig is the one of the most prolific mammals on earth, yet almost invisible.

Most of us believe we know what a pig is, but do we really?

Dr Brett Mizelle has learnt a trough-load about pigs since researching his book, 'Pig'. The book is his contribution to the Reaktion Animal Series edited by Jonathan Burt, an animal-studies academic and researcher.

Dr Mizelle is a Professor of History at California State University Long Beach. He frequently teaches the history of human-animal relationships in his History and American Studies courses.

We also hear an Australian perspective from Paul Mahoney, co-founder of the local group, Melbourne Pig Save.

And Emma Haswell, founder of Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania, who knows many pigs personally, shares with us the joy of spending quality time with her porcine friends.


Ahead of Anzac day, we remember animals caught up in human conflicts – as military animals, mascots, companions and animal civilians.

Interviews with:
Anthony Hill, former journalist and political speech writer and author of 'Animal Heroes'.

Pen Farthing ex-Royal marine who serviced in Now Zad province in Afghanistan back in 2006 and founder of Nowzad, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Afghanistan, including assisting soliders to return home with the animals they have befriended once their military service is over.


The waves have barely settled from the anti - whaling clashes in the Southern Ocean and the battle-weary ships have just made it back to port ... tune in to get an Operation Zero Tolerance campaign wrap.

We talk to Kelly Higgins, Personal Assistant to Sea Shepherd's founder Paul Watson and Eliza Muirhead, an official Sea Shepherd photographer.

Operation Zero Tolerance is the 9th Sea Shepherd expedition to oppose the illegal activities of the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

By all accounts, it's the most successful yet - 768 whales on Japan's hit list are now swimming free thanks to the non-violent, direct action strategies of the Sea Shepherd 120+ international crew.

Karol is the Toronto-based filmmaker behind the production company, Decipher Films. He recently released his first feature-length documentary - Maximum Tolerated Dose.

This unique documentary charts the lives of both humans and non-humans who have experienced animal testing first-hand, with hauntingly honest testimony of scientists and lab technicians whose ethics demanded they choose a different path, as well as the simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of animals who have seen both sides of the cage.

If you can’t beat ’em, entertain ‘em … & they might just join you!

Vegan Smythe is a Melbourne-based cabaret performer. His catchy tunes highlight the hypocrisy of an animal lovin’, meat eatin’ world and promote a kinder, more consistent approach - veganism.

Check out these song titles - Flesh Hungry World, Human Milk Dairy and WTF do you eat ? ; )

Tune in  to hear the stories behind the tunes and why Vegan Smythe sports a teardrop tattoo

The Fauna Fighters are Real Life Super Heroes.
Known as The Thylacine & Flying Fox, they use a hybrid of performance art and activism ('Artivism') to make the world a better, brighter place for animals & us.

Their activities include clean ups, patrols, protests/petition drives and volunteer work as well as the promotion of vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

... & best of all, the Superheroes always win in the end!  ; )

Joe Cross, Australian entrepreneur & maker of the award-winning documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”. When middle age came knocking, Joe found he was literally “fat, sick & nearly dead”, 45 kg overweight & dosed up on potent steroids. He rebooted his life with a 60-day, micronutrient-rich, fruit & vegie juice fast while traveling nearly 5,000 km across America. Tune in to hear what all the buzz is about … It might just change your life