Critical Animal Studies (CAS) is a field of academic inquiry and basis for action. As an activist and scholarly endeavour, CAS is dedicated to challenging, destabilising and overcoming (human and nonhuman) animal and ecological exploitation, oppression, and domination. CAS is grounded in a broad global emancipatory, interdisciplinary and intersectional movement for critical and constructive social change.

The Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) was founded in 2001 as an interdisciplinary scholarly center in higher education dedicated to establishing and expanding the field of Critical Animal Studies (CAS).

Today's show has two of the presentations from the 2014 ICAS Oceania conference held in Melbourne, Australia. The ICAS Oceania conference provided a space for activists, academics and all concerned with social change to come together.

Class, Race & Veganism — a discussion about the intersections of animal-free practices, privilege, and cultural difference.


How might we understand veganism in light of its place within cultural contexts and class structures. Is veganism elitist? Can veganism be racist? How might we better reconceive animal liberation as in fact related to class and race struggles? These are some questions which this discussion will explore.

Javed de Costa is a philosophy graduate, musician and activist based in Melbourne.

Live Animal Export, Humane Slaughter, and Media Hegemony

Since the airing of graphic footage of cows exported from Australia being slaughtered in Indonesia on the episode of the current affairs program Four Corners titled “A Bloody Business”, debate has raged in Australia over the live export industry. Many different voices have been heard in the media on this issue; however, most voices have promoted the animal welfare frame.
Nick analyses the media and how they represent animals and animal liberation campaigns.

Nick Pendergrast is the Deputy Coordinator of Animal Rights Advocates and co-hosts the intersectional, political podcast Progressive Podcast Australia ( He recently completed his PhD in Sociology, which explored the animal advocacy movement, primarily in Australia and the United States, and the range of ideologies, activism, organisations, and key actors that make up this movement. He also teaches Sociology and Anthropology at Curtin University in Perth.

Will Potter is an award-winning journalist based in Washington, D.C., whose work focuses on the animal rights and environmental movements, and civil liberties post-9/11.

Will’s work discusses the rise of ag-gag legislation in the United States and he is a leading critic of the ‘Green Scare’, a term used to describe disproportionate and heavy-handed government pressure on the animal and environmental movements, including the reckless use of the word “terrorism”.

His reporting and commentary have appeared in media outlets including The Washington Post, National Public Radio and Rolling Stone. He testified before the US Congress about his reporting as the only witness opposing the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and he has lectured at more than 100 universities and public forums internationally about his work.

His reporting has led to criminal prosecutions being overturned, and it has both been praised in Congressional reports and monitored by the Counter-Terrorism Unit. His book, Green Is The New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege, was awarded a Kirkus Star for “remarkable merit” and he is currently a TED Fellow.

Will Potter has recently toured Australia as the keynote speaker at the 2014 Voiceless Law Lecture Series titled Ag-gag Laws: The Bid to Silence Animal Advocates.

This weekend we have a pre-ANZAC day show, highlighting some of the victims of war that we never hear about: nonhuman animals. We are joined by Colin Salter and Justin R. Goodman.
Colin is one of the editors of the new book "Animals and war: Confronting the military-animal industrial complex". Justin is a contributor to the book, writing about medical military training in the U.S.

The cover of Animals and War states:

This weekend on Freedom of Species we celebrate Mardi Gras by chatting with activist and advocate pattrice jones. pattrice is the cofounder of VINE Sanctuary (, an LGBTQ-run farmed animal sanctuary that works from within an ecofeminist understanding of the intersection of oppressions. Her activist work dates back to the 1970s and includes anti-racist education, tenant organizing, and direct action against AIDS as well as work within the feminist, peace, and LGBTQ liberation movements. She has taught college and university courses on the praxis of social change, and her contributions to movement thinking appear in numerous anthologies as well as her book, Aftershock.

We talk to Kim Socha about animal liberation, feminism, prison abolition and so much more. Kim is a Professor of English at Normandale Community College (Minnesota/U.S.) and a member of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS), having sat on the ICAS board from 2011 to 2013. Kim is author of Women, Destruction and the Avant-Garde: A Paradigm for Animal Liberation (Rodopi 2011), contributing editor to Confronting Animal Exploitation: Grassroots Essays on Liberation and Veganism (McFarland 2013), and author of the upcoming book Atheism and Animal Liberation: Remaking the Procrustean Bed (Freethought House 2014). On a local level, she is Vice-President of Minnesota’s Animal Rights Coalition and an activist for animal liberation, drug policy reform, and transformative justice.

Rescue companions and humans who love them

We are joined by Esther who discusses her life with rescue dog companions. She has 2 dog companions who have changed her life and solidified her commitment to animal liberation. She also discusses their vegan diet and offers advice for people who foster rescue dog companions.

We also chat with Patrycja from Unforgettable Creatures (UNC) who are a Melbourne based non-for-profit initiative consisting of passionate and dedicated individuals focused on rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing companion animals in crisis. Patrycja tells us about her childhood in Eastern Europe and how rescuing a near-frozen dog led her to where she is today: rescuer and passionate activist. UNC are an expanding group in Melbourne and are always looking for new foster carers, and you will find out how you can be involved.

Don't support cruelty - foster and adopt.

Anthony a passionate and tireless animal activist who talks about activism, intersectionality and ideas for radical change.

He is a co-founder of eco-ability, disability pedagogy, critical animal studies and is a scholar-activist in the fields of education and justice, peace and conflict studies. He is internationally known for his innovative, transformative, and intersectional collaborations and he has published numerous books and articles, including the co-edited "Terrorists or Freedom Fighters: Reflections on the Liberation of Animals".

Anthony has been an animal activist since the loss of his cat Sparkle, and he will inspire you with his passion and visions for change.


That's right, we are excited to be adding a few strings to our bow.

We'll be introducing our new team member, Jessica Ison, launching a Lawrence Pope opinion piece segment and announcing a new addition to our website.

Listen in to hear how our new strings will help us play a louder and richer animal advocacy tune!