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This is the excellent talk given by Kyle Behrend, from Edgar's Mission farm sanctuary, at the 2015 Animal Activist Forum in Melbourne.  He talks about the role of farm sanctuaries in animal advocacy and also about digital storytelling.  Great information for all animal activists.

Emmanuel Giuffre, Legal Counsel for Voiceless, gives a presentation at the 2015 Animal Law Conference in Sydney that provides valuable insights into the animal welfare issues and legal framework of the Australian dairy industry.  The event was hosted by NSW Young Lawyers.

So, you've always wanted to move to the country and have an animal sanctuary? If that's the case, you need to meet Justin Van Kleeck. He co-founded the Microsanctuary Movement which rethinks the conventional model of farm animal sanctuaries. Don't let your small urban space hold you back!

Lara Drew, the Campaign Director for Animal Liberation ACT's "Big Birds, Big Cruelty" campaign, Bede Carmody who runs A Poultry Place sanctuary in NSW, and Felicity Andersen from Animal Liberation Victoria. They'll be talking about the Australian turkey industry and the 3 - 5 million turkeys killed each year who live a short life of cruelty and suffering from conception to slaughter.

Tune in, get informed, and find out how to support the campaign.

A Poultry Place

Big Birds Big Cruelty

Animal Liberation Victoria