Africa has the Lion. Australia has the Dingo as our Apex Predator. Protector of Biodiversity. So very Sacred in indigenous cultures- 'Our Dingo' compelled Professor Deborah Bird Rose to title her book, "Dingo Makes us Human".

OUR DINGO is Protected yet vermin. Sacred yet cruelly baited. A pest trapped & shot. Tune in this Sunday as we chat with Christopher Johnson -part of the team who won a prestigious Eureka Prize for Environmental Research showing how important our Dingo is for our Environment. We also chat with Professor Deborah Bird Rose, Environmental Humanities UNSW & Marie -Louise Sarjeant from the OCHRE Project.

NATIONAL DINGO DAY is coming up on the 26th November!

 We chat  with Rheya Linden, Campaign Director of Animal Active focusing on her work with the Brushtail and Ringtail Possums in Melbourne, the subject of which will be the focus of an upcoming documentary, "Possum Wars" to be aired on the ABC. The inspiring & dedicated Rheya holds true to an "unassailable ethic of care" at the core of her activism and never strays from it!


 We chat with Queensland Artist and Wildlife Carer Daryl Dickson whose passion for wildlife conservation and art is infectious!

Believe me, you will want to book the next flight up North to witness a Mahogany Glider (a relative to the Leadbeaters Possum) after listening to her.


This is a powerful reminder of how one individual can have an enormous effect on implementing a better world for animals. We chat with local activist Kathleen Chapman about her successful campaign with "SAVE DAREBIN PETS" in Melbourne.

As mentioned on the show, Save-A-Dog Scheme has been running for many years as a successful No-Kill shelter in Melbourne.

Check the link out here but be warned - there are many beautiful dogs and cats that will tempt you for adoption!


ALL Australians need to TUNE in to hear how precious & important our "Vanishing Icon" - the Dingo - is before it's too late! We chat with the inspiring Jennifer Parkhurst (pictured above) and also Marilyn Nuske, solicitor and committee member of Save the Fraser Island Dingoes and also member of the Barristers for Animal Welfare Panel.




We all want community safety to be taken very seriously - that is agreed upon. The fact is we need systems in place that are shown to be useful, effective and realistic in relation to bringing down dog attack rates. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), as I have found out, is disturbingly none of these. We chat with:

Graeme McEwen, Chair of the Barristers for Animal Welfare Panel - http://www.bawp.org.au

Kersti Seksel, Veterinary Behaviourist - http://www.sabs.com.au/

Jen Adams, Western Australians Against Breed Specific Legislation - http://www.waabsl.com


We chat with the dedicated & inspiring wildlife carer Louise Bonomi & listen to Vegan Smythe's new tune, along with news & upcoming not-to-be-missed events.

Wildlife carers often work through the night and care for our precious and vitally important wildlife in order to release them back into their natural habitat - a habitat that is under extreme pressure from our human encroachment.


After all, wildlife carers are taking responsibility for the rest of society.

What do wildlife carers gain? Many sleepless nights and they often foot the bill for much food and equipment... however, the rewards for seeing the animals released back into their environment is beyond heartfelt words.

Tune in & turn on the salt lamp as Freedom of Species chats with Rachael Morris, a Love Life coach who has wonderful & helpful 'IN'sights for all activists. Rachael’s inspiring interview is guaranteed to encourage us all to hug that feisty activist soul within ourselves (and be honest with it) a lot more.

For more information, contact: info[at]lovelifecoach.com.au

'Save Me' is a non-profit organisation based in the UK & founded by the fabulous Brian May. (Yes- the Brian May whose MANY talents include being guitarist for the famous "QUEEN " rock band).

'Save Me' challenges the cruel minority in our society that feels it is their right to persecute and torture wildlife for sport, in the case of foxes, or to protect agricultural interests, in the case of the badger.

Anne Brummer, Chief Executive of 'Save Me' discusses the controversial badger culls due to start in June.

Please sign the international petition on the Save Me website to help STOP THE CULL! (just scroll down on the right hand side of the Save Me Home Page)


Joanne McArthur - creator of 'We Animals'. 'We Animals' is an ambitious project that uses photography as a powerful tool in the world of animal activism.

We Animals aims to break down the barriers that humans have built which allow us to treat non-human animals as objects and not as beings with moral significance.

Joanne is also the focus of an upcoming documentary "The Ghosts In Our Machine".