While France spiralled into economic turmoil and poor harvests pushed the French people into starvation in the 1800s, the reigning Queen Marie Antoinette did not rein in her flamboyant and extravagant lifestyle. When informed her people could not even get bread to eat her flippant response was reputed to be , “let them eat cake” and she continued her excessive spending including building a lavish  new retreat in Versailles.


In Australia, the current review of the Poultry Code is underway. The last review was in 2001 and gained pitifully little for the life of a chicken born into the food production industry which is of no surprise.  Birds don't belong in cages, let alone our plate. Likewise, animal welfare does not belong in the Department of Primary Industry. Like the wings of a caged hen, welfare ain't going to 'fly' there.


We chat with Jian Yi, award winning film maker about the documentary called "What's for Dinner?" he directed for Brighter Green. "What's for Dinner?" is creating waves of awareness in China and globally about the issues concerning the rapidly growing consumption of meat in China.


Phil Arkow from the Link Coalition tells us "Animal abuse is a human welfare issue"

We chat with the Australian Director of Animals Asia, Anne Lloyd -Jones & get the facts on the Yulin dog eating festival in China. We also discuss the mainstream media recommendations to swap beef for chicken to combat climate change with Mark & Simon from Less Meat, Less Heat & Paul Mahony, Terrastendo blogger & co-founder of Melbourne Pig Save.


These two species have brought together John Lemon of Painted Dog Conservation and Kevin Richardson to collaborate on an Australian speaking tour to help raise awareness of the plight of these two remarkable species.

A recent paper written by Leah Gibbs, Jennifer Atchison & Ingereth Macfarlane & published in Geoforum raises many questions about the place of camels in Australia.

When do we accept that a species belongs here? What does the hidden story of the camel have to tell us about our cultural development when it comes to ethnicity?

While some view camels as ferals to eradicate others are building up their camel herds to eat unwanted weeds. We share a rich mingling of living history with camels and just like us, they are here to stay - whether we like it or not.

Tune in as we chat with Dr Leah Gibbs.

Photo courteousy of Jennifer Atchison -Thankyou Jennifer!

We chat with Mia Macdonald, Executive Director of policy action tank, "Brighter Green" about global agribusiness & finance focusing on China, animal activism in China, that headline that circulated last week, "Feds vegan diet best for planet" & "What's for dinner?", a groundbreaking Chinese documentary produced by Brighter Green & internationally recognized independent filmmaker, Jian Yi.



If you would like to add international comment to the US 2015 Dietary and Guidelines:http://www.health.gov/dietaryguidelines/dga2015/comments/writeComments.aspx

When you enter the dark halls of lethal control we use for wildlife population and "'pest control" 1080 poison is banned in most countries as an option -it is undeniably death by torture and it kills indiscriminately yet Australia still orders it in big time to use in our National parks, pastoral land & many large landholdings.