The Animal Justice Party held a summit discussing 1080 poison and we play three presentations from this informative and alarming evening.  Get the toxicology facts of 1080, the legal ins and outs to help ban this cruel and environmentally destructive poison & listen to the fatal impacts it has on our dingo populations. 

For the entire video of the summit: https://www.facebook.com/AJPWesternVic/videos/250357265814657/

Today we feature an informative talk on predators by Dr Euan Ritchie  and how they provide many solutions to existing problems.   Among other things, Euan tells us about fire management & its relationship to the destruction of our native species,  how a  landscape of fear can be a good thing and the best way to approach the issue of feral cats.


Arian Wallach takes us through the 2nd part of "the Black Dog series".

Switching partridges and pear trees in the run up to Christmas with cane toads and other usual suspects of destruction in our environment , Arian sheds light on the  complex web of costs & benefits  introduced species contribute to biodiversity in Australia.

When you enter the dark halls of lethal control we use for wildlife population and "'pest control" 1080 poison is banned in most countries as an option -it is undeniably death by torture and it kills indiscriminately yet Australia still orders it in big time to use in our National parks, pastoral land & many large landholdings.

September 21st is the International Day of Peace and The Jane Goodall Institute Australia is calling for a truce on the war against dingoes by supporting a National Day of Action for Dingoes which will also mark the launch of the Australian Dingo Coalition.
  We chat with Natalie Houghton, CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, Dr Julie Funnell, President of the Australian Dingo Coalition & Marie-Louise Sarjeant from the National Day of Action for Dingoes.

Africa has the Lion. Australia has the Dingo as our Apex Predator. Protector of Biodiversity. So very Sacred in indigenous cultures- 'Our Dingo' compelled Professor Deborah Bird Rose to title her book, "Dingo Makes us Human".

OUR DINGO is Protected yet vermin. Sacred yet cruelly baited. A pest trapped & shot. Tune in this Sunday as we chat with Christopher Johnson -part of the team who won a prestigious Eureka Prize for Environmental Research showing how important our Dingo is for our Environment. We also chat with Professor Deborah Bird Rose, Environmental Humanities UNSW & Marie -Louise Sarjeant from the OCHRE Project.

NATIONAL DINGO DAY is coming up on the 26th November!