We chat with the very entertaining Sean Willmore, President of the International Ranger Federation and founding Director of The Thin Green Line.

The Thin Green Line is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that 'Protects Nature’s Protectors'; the rangers on the frontline of conservation across the globe. Over 1000 rangers have been killed in action over the past 10 years.

"Australia was made on the back of a horse" 

Tune in as we chat with Founder & President of Save the Brumbies, Jan Carter, as we discuss why we need to protect our Australian brumbies and do a much better job of managing their populations.

Tune in as we pay some attention to the Emu who is more than deserving of it! The Emu is a superstar for our biodiversity & holds much star power & recognition in Australian Aboriginal sacred stories and culture. We talk all things Emu with well renowned Wilcannia NSW artist Badger Bates, Environmentalist Steve Ross about his rescued companion emu named Miss Rissole (!) and we also discover why "oils ain't oils" when it comes to intensive farming of Emus with Lynda Stoner of Animal Liberation NSW.

You can bet your bottom tax-paying dollar has paid for tonnes of 1080 poisoning of ‘pests’ for the good of .........................Well, that’s the question ......or is it ? When it comes to poisons -1080 is a torturous death even compared to its’ bedfellows in a little bag of horrors we use to ‘manage’ a population. What defines a Pest anyway? Tune in Sunday as we chat with many special guests including Dr Arian Wallach from the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University, NT and Professor Deborah Bird Rose from Environmental Humanities UNSW .

An astonishing 75% of our Predators globally are in decline -and as this recent study confirms - at humankinds own peril!
We are 'shooting ourselves in the foot' so to speak if we don't start giving them a lot more credit than our actions are affording them. Tune in to hear why as we chat with Dr Arian Wallach, part of the Research team who have analysed the threats of effects such as habitat loss, human persecution and reduced prey on the world's largest mammalian carnivores. Among other things you will hear how sea otters are sooo much more than ridiculously cute!

Taiji, a small Japanese town, had a secret. This secret was exposed when the 2009 Academy Award–winning documentary, 'The Cove', hit big & small screens around the world.

'The Cove' documented the Taiji dolphin drive, an annual mass killing of dolphins and capture for the live dolphin trade. Although viewers were shocked by ocean water stained red with the blood of slain dolphins, these scenes continue today. We are currently mid-season of what has been dubbed the ‘Taiji dolphin massacre’.

Len Varley is a passionate marine conservationist and activist. He has made three visits to the notorious Taiji cove. His experience has inspired two books, 'Salt Water Tears' and 'Deeper Water'. Len is the co-founder of marine conservation group, Freedom Blue.

Dr Elizabeth Hawkins, Founding Director and Executive Officer of Dolphin Research Australia Inc., provides an Australian perspective.

The tiny Leadbeater's Possum is under very serious threat of extinction. Yet this is not an exotic species thousands of miles away. This is an endemic species at our own back door - here on the edge of metropolitan Melbourne.

We speak to dedicated key players in the campaign to save Victoria's faunal emblem and how this species acts as the 'canary in the coalmine' of sustainable forest management: Dr Dan Harley from Zoos Victoria, Pam Miskin from Friends of Leadbeater's Possum, and Sarah Rees from My Environment.

ALL Australians need to TUNE in to hear how precious & important our "Vanishing Icon" - the Dingo - is before it's too late! We chat with the inspiring Jennifer Parkhurst (pictured above) and also Marilyn Nuske, solicitor and committee member of Save the Fraser Island Dingoes and also member of the Barristers for Animal Welfare Panel.

Jordan is a young Melbourne activist who founded Australia's first Fin Free group: Fin Free Ranges, in Melbourne's Yarra Ranges. He is also the founder and president of Shark Defence Australia.

Jordan's campaigns are raising awareness amongst our community of the critical plight of the world's shark populations, including the need to modify our consumer and lifestyle behaviour.