Katja & Nick of local volunteer organisation Mange Management talk about the devastating impacts of the mange mite parasite on wombats.  They explain how mange can be identified, how it can be successfully treated by members of the public and landholders with Mange Management's support, and how the government could better respond to this issue that's causing immense suffering to our native wildlife.  

Mange Management


Martin Stringer is a nature photographer & videographer who has become personally involved in crowd-funded tropical rainforest protection & restoration projects, both in Australia's Daintree and in the Amazon.  He explains these inspiring conservation programs and the huge benefits they're having on wildlife and carbon storage.   


Rainforest Trust

Greater glider

We hear from Sue McKinnon & Peter Roberts, both of the Kinglake Friends of the Forest community group which is going head-to-head with the government-owned logging company VicForests, to save the little-known greater glider from extinction.

Arian Wallach

Conservation is a field of research and practice that works to protect the environment. Despite our efforts in conservation for over a century, we are still whitnessing the significant degradation of landscape through habitat and biodiversity loss. 

Compassionate Conservation is a new movement within conservation that tries to respond to several ethical issues within the field. We speak with Dr Arian Wallach, a key researcher in Compassionate Conservation at the University of Technology Sydney.   

Dennis Black

We hear from Dennis Black, a zoologist who's been interested in frogs for much of his working life.  He tells us about some of his favourite frogs, about the very serious trouble that frog populations are in due to the chytrid fungus as well as various other anthropogenic factors, and the greater biodiversity crisis that we're in the midst of. 

We speak to Elodie Comprasse about the importance of communicating science about the environment. We also discuss her work at Wildlife Victoria and what you can do when you come across an injured animal.


We hear from Mark Halliday, a documentary filmmaker from Sydney about his new feature film, Vestige. The film follows some of the last remaining rhinos, protected in South Africa's Kruger National Park from the onslaught of poachers, and the people who risk their lives on a daily basis while trying to protect them.  

Vestige film site

polar bear

We’re joined by Jim Kremar, environmental activist and one of the hosts of the SUWA show on 3CR, who discusses the place of animals in the environmental movement.


You can listen to the SUWA show on 3CR every Friday from 5.30-6.30pm and catch up on episodes here:


Jim also recommends the following groups for those who are interested in getting involved in environmental activism:


We chat with Ingrid Marker about how large bodied dogs, in particular hunting dogs trained to kill pigs, are lethal to the cassowary population who are already up against it with their disappearing habitat, roads, and fragmented landscapes.

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Annett & friend

We speak with Dr Annett Finger, Dr Nikki Kowalczyk, and Port Phillip Baykeeper Neil Blake about the colony of Little Penguins that live on a Melbourne breakwater in Port Phillip Bay.  They talk about the circumstances that make this colony unique & about the important research conducted by Earthcare St Kilda.  We'll also hear how a recent industrial fire in Melbourne's western suburbs may pose serious risks to the health of Port Phillip Bay & the penguin colony.