FoS has gone all cats and dogs! 

We hear from Erica Trinder. 

Erica discusses her work with colony cats, advocating a trap, desex and return approach.

We also catch up with Colette Smedile from Victorian Dog Rescue.

Victorian Dog Rescue and Resource Group Inc (VicDRG) is a not for profit organisation whose purpose is to decrease the number of dogs killed in Victorian pounds each year.

Dominique Thiriet from James Cook University's School of Law, regarding how Australia's legislative framework addresses the welfare of introduced animals. She explains how inadequate legislation, unenforceable codes of practice, and negative community attitudes contribute to legalised acts of cruelty against unpopular animals.

The Fauna Fighters are Real Life Super Heroes.
Known as The Thylacine & Flying Fox, they use a hybrid of performance art and activism ('Artivism') to make the world a better, brighter place for animals & us.

Their activities include clean ups, patrols, protests/petition drives and volunteer work as well as the promotion of vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

... & best of all, the Superheroes always win in the end!  ; )

Struck by Lightning; James B “Lightning” Wilks, elite athlete, talks to us about why he became vegan, the physical benefits he gained and the peace of mind of knowing he was not contributing to harm.




Siobhan O’Sullivan from Melbourne University about animal advocacy and academia. We ask whether an academic can really make a difference in animal protection?






Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop from the World Preservation Foundation is currently working with Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) to create a Land Use Plan, due for release in 2013. Gerard talks about the very significant carbon emissions that result from livestock farming and gives us a taste of BZE’s recommendations to address this.

Beyond Zero Emissions

World Preservation Foundation