"Ag-Gag" Laws: This week's show features an interview with Amy Meyer, the first person to be charged under Utah's law against photographing agricultural operations. We then hear from Mark Pearson, President of Animal Liberation, about recent legal cases which could have had severe consequences for Australian animal activists.

From humble jungle beginnings, today the pig is the one of the most prolific mammals on earth, yet almost invisible.

Most of us believe we know what a pig is, but do we really?

Dr Brett Mizelle has learnt a trough-load about pigs since researching his book, 'Pig'. The book is his contribution to the Reaktion Animal Series edited by Jonathan Burt, an animal-studies academic and researcher.

Dr Mizelle is a Professor of History at California State University Long Beach. He frequently teaches the history of human-animal relationships in his History and American Studies courses.

We also hear an Australian perspective from Paul Mahoney, co-founder of the local group, Melbourne Pig Save.

And Emma Haswell, founder of Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania, who knows many pigs personally, shares with us the joy of spending quality time with her porcine friends.

Jordan is a young Melbourne activist who founded Australia's first Fin Free group: Fin Free Ranges, in Melbourne's Yarra Ranges. He is also the founder and president of Shark Defence Australia.

Jordan's campaigns are raising awareness amongst our community of the critical plight of the world's shark populations, including the need to modify our consumer and lifestyle behaviour.

Zoe Weil is the co-founder of the Institute for Humane Education, in Maine, USA, and a world leader in the field of humane education.

Natalie Houghton is the CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia which delivers a humane education program called "Roots & Shoots". 

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia is currently in a working partnership with Zoe Weil.

This week, we'll hear about the planned extension of Western Australia's State Barrier Fence, AKA Rabbit Proof Fence. We'll be chatting with Keith Bradby from Gondwana Link and Jenny Lau from Birdlife Australia.

VEGANIC GARDENING! What? Veganic Gardening. Listen in to hear what veganic gardening is and how it's done, direct from a Canberra veganic gardener of 25 years.

Barbara Schreiner is a self-confessed veganic gardening obsessive who is also a teacher of this particular type of cultivation. She explains why and how she practices veganic gardening.

Three interviews all about wombats.

We chat with Jenny Mattingley from Mange Management

Jacqui Mills from the Wombat Foundation

David Alder from the Wombat Protection Society.

Lara Drew, the Campaign Director for Animal Liberation ACT's "Big Birds, Big Cruelty" campaign, Bede Carmody who runs A Poultry Place sanctuary in NSW, and Felicity Andersen from Animal Liberation Victoria. They'll be talking about the Australian turkey industry and the 3 - 5 million turkeys killed each year who live a short life of cruelty and suffering from conception to slaughter.

Tune in, get informed, and find out how to support the campaign.

A Poultry Place

Big Birds Big Cruelty

Animal Liberation Victoria

If you can’t beat ’em, entertain ‘em … & they might just join you!

Vegan Smythe is a Melbourne-based cabaret performer. His catchy tunes highlight the hypocrisy of an animal lovin’, meat eatin’ world and promote a kinder, more consistent approach - veganism.

Check out these song titles - Flesh Hungry World, Human Milk Dairy and WTF do you eat ? ; )

Tune in  to hear the stories behind the tunes and why Vegan Smythe sports a teardrop tattoo

Lawrence Pope, President of Victorian Advocates for Animals Inc.

Lawrence has been intrumental in many animal protection campaigns including anti- jumps racing, steel jaw and glue traps and flying fox campaigns....and that's not nearly all of them!

Lawrence talks about his recently released book "The Teeth of Beasts", a dark Melbourne tale.

It tells the story of a confronting journey into animal activism and provides a startling critique of several of the city's high profile institutions.

The Teeth of Beasts is available at BookPal website.