It was this common sense comment from comedian and Nova radio presenter, Dave Hughes, that sent the dairy industry and the newly-formed dairy lobby group, Farmer Power, into defence mode and damage control.

Why is common sense thinking so threatening to the dairy industry?

Freedom of Species takes a look behind the dairy farm gate, we get nutrition facts NOT paid for by the dairy industry and discover some tasty dairy-free alternatives that are just an arm’s reach away from you in the supermarket.

Sarah Davison is standing as the second Senate candidate in Victoria for the Animal Justice Party.

The Animal Justice Party has been established to give voice to those who have none – to pursue the vital issues of animal protection through the Australian Parliamentary System by:

• Encouraging the adoption of animal-friendly policies by other political parties
• Demonstrating that voters care about animal issues by contesting elections
• Educating the electorate about the animal policies of candidates from other political parties.

President of the Animal Justice Party, Professor Steve Garlick explains the need for the party by saying “For the many voters wanting to truly help animals, a new door has opened. It is not entrapped with any compromise – it is the Animal Justice Party”,

Tune in to get the lowdown on the AJP in the upcoming federal election – its history, policies and party preferencing.

Be informed. Be a political animal!

The tiny Leadbeater's Possum is under very serious threat of extinction. Yet this is not an exotic species thousands of miles away. This is an endemic species at our own back door - here on the edge of metropolitan Melbourne.

We speak to dedicated key players in the campaign to save Victoria's faunal emblem and how this species acts as the 'canary in the coalmine' of sustainable forest management: Dr Dan Harley from Zoos Victoria, Pam Miskin from Friends of Leadbeater's Possum, and Sarah Rees from My Environment.


That's right, we are excited to be adding a few strings to our bow.

We'll be introducing our new team member, Jessica Ison, launching a Lawrence Pope opinion piece segment and announcing a new addition to our website.

Listen in to hear how our new strings will help us play a louder and richer animal advocacy tune!

This is a powerful reminder of how one individual can have an enormous effect on implementing a better world for animals. We chat with local activist Kathleen Chapman about her successful campaign with "SAVE DAREBIN PETS" in Melbourne.

As mentioned on the show, Save-A-Dog Scheme has been running for many years as a successful No-Kill shelter in Melbourne.

Check the link out here but be warned - there are many beautiful dogs and cats that will tempt you for adoption!

Can you eat meat and really care about the animals on your dinner plate? Can you continue to care for animals if your job is to kill animals ?

These are some of the questions that Madeleine Parry asks in her two award-winning documentaries, MurderMouth and Meatwork.

Madeleine shines a light on society's collective blind spot and sits with the uncomfortable, immovable fact that over 500 million land animals are killed in Australia every year for human consumption. Each animal is being killed by someone and is being eaten by another.

The documentaries weren't easy to produce, they are not easy documentaries to watch and this interview will not be an easy interview to listen to.

Both documentaries were produced by Daniel Joyce from Projector Films.

ALL Australians need to TUNE in to hear how precious & important our "Vanishing Icon" - the Dingo - is before it's too late! We chat with the inspiring Jennifer Parkhurst (pictured above) and also Marilyn Nuske, solicitor and committee member of Save the Fraser Island Dingoes and also member of the Barristers for Animal Welfare Panel.

We all want community safety to be taken very seriously - that is agreed upon. The fact is we need systems in place that are shown to be useful, effective and realistic in relation to bringing down dog attack rates. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), as I have found out, is disturbingly none of these. We chat with:

Graeme McEwen, Chair of the Barristers for Animal Welfare Panel -

Kersti Seksel, Veterinary Behaviourist -

Jen Adams, Western Australians Against Breed Specific Legislation -


We chat with the dedicated & inspiring wildlife carer Louise Bonomi & listen to Vegan Smythe's new tune, along with news & upcoming not-to-be-missed events.

Wildlife carers often work through the night and care for our precious and vitally important wildlife in order to release them back into their natural habitat - a habitat that is under extreme pressure from our human encroachment.


After all, wildlife carers are taking responsibility for the rest of society.

What do wildlife carers gain? Many sleepless nights and they often foot the bill for much food and equipment... however, the rewards for seeing the animals released back into their environment is beyond heartfelt words.

Laurie Levy is the founder and tireless Campaign Director of the Coalition Against Duck Shooting. He speaks about Victoria's 2013 recreational duck shooting season that's coming to a close this weekend, including the Box Flat Reserve massacre, the new regulations designed to keep rescuers and media off the wetlands, the conflict of interest that exists in the State Government's game authority, the pest control myth, and the out-of-control behaviour displayed by many shooters.

On the other side of the world but in a similar vein, the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) actively campaigns against the illegal bird hunting that occurs on a massive scale each year in Europe, as birds migrate south to Africa. We speak with key CABS member David Conlin about the issue and the role that CABS plays in these killing fields.