This is the excellent talk given by Kyle Behrend, from Edgar's Mission farm sanctuary, at the 2015 Animal Activist Forum in Melbourne.  He talks about the role of farm sanctuaries in animal advocacy and also about digital storytelling.  Great information for all animal activists.

Emmanuel Giuffre, Legal Counsel for Voiceless, gives a presentation at the 2015 Animal Law Conference in Sydney that provides valuable insights into the animal welfare issues and legal framework of the Australian dairy industry.  The event was hosted by NSW Young Lawyers.

Each year, right about now, approximately 80 000 unweaned seal pups are clubbed to death on the beaches of Namibia.  It's regarded as one of the cruellest hunts on Earth and one Australian citizen profits hugely from it. We chat with South African activists Pat Dickens, founder of The Seals of Nam, and Nikki Botha who are campaigning against the slaughter.  We also hear from Peter Shaughnessy of the South Australian Museum and Phil Cornelius of Animal Liberation South Australia about the proposed seal cull in South Australia's Coorong.

Ahead of next week's tenth birthday celebrations, we chat with Nichola Donovan, President of Lawyers For Animals, about the past decade of advocating to improve the welfare of animals through education and the law.

Join us to help celebrate Lawyers For Animals reaching double figures – the big ONE Ohhhhh!

It's two and a half months since ABC's Four Corners report broadcast Making a Killing – an expose into the illegal use of small animals – piglets, possums, rabbits - as live bait to train greyhounds.

The undercover footage featured in the program, supplied by Animal Liberation Queensland & Animals Australia, horrified the public and sent shockwaves through the Australian greyhound racing industry - charges have been laid, industry boards stood down, life bans handed out and government inquiries launched.

We catch up with Mark Pearson.

You may know him as the long-standing Executive Director of Animal Liberation in Australia but he is also in the running to be the first person to represent the Animal Justice Party in Australian state parliament.

That’s making history!

Mark is an Animal Justice Party general committee member, the Registered Officer for NSW and AJP’s lead candidate for the Legislative Council ( the seat that is still to be decided!)

So tune in for a NSW election wrap up from an Animal Justice Party perspective.

James Aspey is a twenty-something, sydney-sider who decided to spend 2014 traveling around Australia raising awareness about the exploitation of animals; the way we use and harm animals for our food, our clothing, our entertainment - the kicker here - is that he would advocate for animals in silence to acknowledge the voicelessness of animals.

We talk, yes talk (!), to James about his campaign - Voiceless 365 - a twelve month vow of silence for animals.

Voiceless 365

Ahead of the Victorian state election, we talk to Bruce Poon, the Victorian Convenor of the Animal Justice Party (AJP).

Bruce discusses why it is important for animals to have a political voice, how the AJP faired in the 2013 federal election and the key issues in the upcoming Victorian state election. 

Tune in to become the political activist the animals need you to be ! 

Freedom of Species' team member, Kate Elliott, has just completed a radio documentary mentorship. Today we hear her radio feature, 'What's Up, Skip?' that explores what it is like to be an Australian kangaroo – both loved and labelled a pest in your own homeland.

The program examines our relationship with the kangaroo and questions how our attitudes towards this native animal have shaped government policy, industry practices and media representation.

The piece was produced as part of Community Broadcasting Association of Australia’s National Audio Documentary and Features Competition for the Community Radio Network with financial assistance from the Community Broadcasting Foundation. Training and mentoring were provided through the Community Media Training Organisation. 3CR provided technical resources and general support. (as always…big thanks!)

Also on the program, Lawrence Pope shares with us his opinion piece titled ' A Business called Australia'.

Spring is in the air and it is pre-election time -a perfect climate to have a rally where our voices for the animals will be even louder! LOUDER! LOUDER! (oops!-I'll save the chanting for the October 4th Animals Matter to Me rally!)
Tune in as we have insightful chats & check the pre-election temperature for their particular campaigns with the rally organisers- Debra Tranter of Oscar's Law, Laurie Levy from the Coalition Against Duck Shooting & Ward Young from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.

For more information -

Coalition against Duck Shooting :

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses:

Oscars Law:

For more information on the link between domestic violence and animal abuse: