Are kangaroos really at "plague proportions"?

Isn't kangaroo meat the green ethical choice when it comes to meat consumption?

These are just some of the questions Voiceless urges the public to ask with their new campaign for kangaroos.

Please sign the pledge not to buy into kangaroo cruelty  :

We ask Hannah from Humane Research Australia why the Easter Bunny threatens to boycott Easter. We also discuss the opening of the duck shooting season with duck rescuer & long-time Coalition Against Duck Shooting supporter, Kate Gracey.

To take action in the cruelty-free campaign:

More cruelty footage of pig farming cruelty was exposed recently by Animal Liberation from the Yelmah piggery in SA.
We ask why pigs in the food production system literally have no chance in hell in escaping cruelty under present regulatory systems.
We speak with Campaign Director for Animal Liberation, Emma Hurst, Chris Delforce from Aussie Farms & Pete Crosbie from Willowite Sanctuary.

On this week's show, we meet Vincent Berraud. Vincent has been involved in animal liberation for two and a half decades. He took part in the creation of Paris’s first animal lib group, magazine and radio show in the early 1990s.

What's changed its name (not its business) 6 times, been legally thrown out of many environments because it is basically killing them and yet its cruel net of killing in our Australian waters is welcomed?

After finding out about this issue, I can't get this Edvard Munch "The Scream" expression off my face. These are the boats we should be stopping Australia!!

We discuss the Geelong Star supertrawler with Andy Meddick, candidate for Corangamite for the Animal Justice Party.

Arian Wallach takes us through the 2nd part of "the Black Dog series".

Switching partridges and pear trees in the run up to Christmas with cane toads and other usual suspects of destruction in our environment , Arian sheds light on the  complex web of costs & benefits  introduced species contribute to biodiversity in Australia.

Today's show is a broadcast of Vegan Psychologist,
Communications Trainer and Author, Clare Mann's recent talk at Animal Activists Forum 2015. "What to say when you don’t know everything"

This is the excellent talk given by Kyle Behrend, from Edgar's Mission farm sanctuary, at the 2015 Animal Activist Forum in Melbourne.  He talks about the role of farm sanctuaries in animal advocacy and also about digital storytelling.  Great information for all animal activists.


In Australia, the current review of the Poultry Code is underway. The last review was in 2001 and gained pitifully little for the life of a chicken born into the food production industry which is of no surprise.  Birds don't belong in cages, let alone our plate. Likewise, animal welfare does not belong in the Department of Primary Industry. Like the wings of a caged hen, welfare ain't going to 'fly' there.