Today's show is a broadcast of Vegan Psychologist,
Communications Trainer and Author, Clare Mann's recent talk at Animal Activists Forum 2015. "What to say when you don’t know everything"

This is the excellent talk given by Kyle Behrend, from Edgar's Mission farm sanctuary, at the 2015 Animal Activist Forum in Melbourne.  He talks about the role of farm sanctuaries in animal advocacy and also about digital storytelling.  Great information for all animal activists.


In Australia, the current review of the Poultry Code is underway. The last review was in 2001 and gained pitifully little for the life of a chicken born into the food production industry which is of no surprise.  Birds don't belong in cages, let alone our plate. Likewise, animal welfare does not belong in the Department of Primary Industry. Like the wings of a caged hen, welfare ain't going to 'fly' there.


Emmanuel Giuffre, Legal Counsel for Voiceless, gives a presentation at the 2015 Animal Law Conference in Sydney that provides valuable insights into the animal welfare issues and legal framework of the Australian dairy industry.  The event was hosted by NSW Young Lawyers.

We chat with Jian Yi, award winning film maker about the documentary called "What's for Dinner?" he directed for Brighter Green. "What's for Dinner?" is creating waves of awareness in China and globally about the issues concerning the rapidly growing consumption of meat in China.


Phil Arkow from the Link Coalition tells us "Animal abuse is a human welfare issue"

This week we chat with the International Vegan Rights Alliance, its founder Jeanette Rowley, and Australian representative Greg McFarlane. We discuss the paper Jeannette will be presenting at the current "ANIMAL PUBLICS: Emotions, Empathy, Activism" conference at The University of Melbourne. Her paper "Toward a vegan jurisprudence of human rights" provides much to discuss for vegan activists, and we hear from Greg McFarlane on the situation for vegans in Australian prisons.

We chat with the Australian Director of Animals Asia, Anne Lloyd -Jones & get the facts on the Yulin dog eating festival in China. We also discuss the mainstream media recommendations to swap beef for chicken to combat climate change with Mark & Simon from Less Meat, Less Heat & Paul Mahony, Terrastendo blogger & co-founder of Melbourne Pig Save.


These two species have brought together John Lemon of Painted Dog Conservation and Kevin Richardson to collaborate on an Australian speaking tour to help raise awareness of the plight of these two remarkable species.