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Anthony a passionate and tireless animal activist who talks about activism, intersectionality and ideas for radical change.

He is a co-founder of eco-ability, disability pedagogy, critical animal studies and is a scholar-activist in the fields of education and justice, peace and conflict studies. He is internationally known for his innovative, transformative, and intersectional collaborations and he has published numerous books and articles, including the co-edited "Terrorists or Freedom Fighters: Reflections on the Liberation of Animals".

Anthony has been an animal activist since the loss of his cat Sparkle, and he will inspire you with his passion and visions for change.


That's right, we are excited to be adding a few strings to our bow.

We'll be introducing our new team member, Jessica Ison, launching a Lawrence Pope opinion piece segment and announcing a new addition to our website.

Listen in to hear how our new strings will help us play a louder and richer animal advocacy tune!

This talk was recorded at Kindness House on the 1st August 2013 as part of an Australian & NZ speaking tour. Will Potter's Australian speaking tour was supported by Kindness Trust.

Will Potter is an American independent journalist and public speaker, based in Washington, D.C. He has written for several publications, including the Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, and Legal Affairs. In his writings, he has focused on how the "war on terrorism" affects civil liberties. He has become a leading critic of the Green Scare, through his website, Green Is The New Red. He has written several articles on this topic, as well as participating in conferences and giving lectures at universities, with some of his papers used in courses. In 2006, he spoke to the U.S. Congress about his reporting on these issues, and in 2008 his article about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, was discussed in the book, Censored 2008, as one of the top 25 overlooked news stories of 2007.

Will's work has brought the world's attention to the U.S. government's post-911 repression of environmental and animal rights activists, also known as the Green Scare.

The night was introduced by Phil Wollen, OAM.

More info in Will Potter's website:
FB page:

This is a powerful reminder of how one individual can have an enormous effect on implementing a better world for animals. We chat with local activist Kathleen Chapman about her successful campaign with "SAVE DAREBIN PETS" in Melbourne.

As mentioned on the show, Save-A-Dog Scheme has been running for many years as a successful No-Kill shelter in Melbourne.

Check the link out here but be warned - there are many beautiful dogs and cats that will tempt you for adoption!

In the lead up to her Australia/NZ speaking tour later this month, social psychologist & professor Dr Joy (author of "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, & Wear Cows") explains the psychology of carnism, that is, people's willlingness to eat certain animals - enabled only through blocking out what we know about the capacity for animals' consciousness and the ability to feel pain, and the inhumane husbandry practiced all over the world, simply to satisfy a taste for foods we don't need. Dr Joy provides fascinating insights for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike.

Carnism Awareness & Action Network

Jane Goodall Institute Australia

Dylan Powell is the co-founder of Marineland Animal Defense (M.A.D) a grassroots organisation implementing a pressure campaign to shutdown Marineland Canada... & by Marineland's feverish SLAPP happy response, it appears to be working !

Dylan talks DIY activism, campaign strategies, whistle blowing employees, SLAPP suits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) and the pearls of wisdom hidden amongst the pages of The Talon Conspiracy archival activist zines.

This week's show features an interview with Josh Harper, former SHAC-7 political prisoner and genius behind The Talon Conspiracy.
Josh discusses life after prison, and gives his thoughts on the need to remember the history of the movement, Karl Marx's attitude to animal rights, intersectionality, and hypocrisy in the movement. A packed interview with a legendary ativist.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty SHAC

Laurie Levy is the founder and tireless Campaign Director of the Coalition Against Duck Shooting. He speaks about Victoria's 2013 recreational duck shooting season that's coming to a close this weekend, including the Box Flat Reserve massacre, the new regulations designed to keep rescuers and media off the wetlands, the conflict of interest that exists in the State Government's game authority, the pest control myth, and the out-of-control behaviour displayed by many shooters.

On the other side of the world but in a similar vein, the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) actively campaigns against the illegal bird hunting that occurs on a massive scale each year in Europe, as birds migrate south to Africa. We speak with key CABS member David Conlin about the issue and the role that CABS plays in these killing fields.

"Ag-Gag" Laws: This week's show features an interview with Amy Meyer, the first person to be charged under Utah's law against photographing agricultural operations. We then hear from Mark Pearson, President of Animal Liberation, about recent legal cases which could have had severe consequences for Australian animal activists.

Tune in & turn on the salt lamp as Freedom of Species chats with Rachael Morris, a Love Life coach who has wonderful & helpful 'IN'sights for all activists. Rachael’s inspiring interview is guaranteed to encourage us all to hug that feisty activist soul within ourselves (and be honest with it) a lot more.

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