From humble jungle beginnings, today the pig is the one of the most prolific mammals on earth, yet almost invisible.

Most of us believe we know what a pig is, but do we really?

Dr Brett Mizelle has learnt a trough-load about pigs since researching his book, 'Pig'. The book is his contribution to the Reaktion Animal Series edited by Jonathan Burt, an animal-studies academic and researcher.

Dr Mizelle is a Professor of History at California State University Long Beach. He frequently teaches the history of human-animal relationships in his History and American Studies courses.

We also hear an Australian perspective from Paul Mahoney, co-founder of the local group, Melbourne Pig Save.

And Emma Haswell, founder of Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania, who knows many pigs personally, shares with us the joy of spending quality time with her porcine friends.

This week we have the second of our talks by Dr Andrew Knight presented on his recent speaking tour of Australia.

This one is about Humane Verterinary Training, we will also be joined in the studio by Dr Marianne Bol.

Marianne the first person to qualify as a vet in Australia using humane methods.

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We present the first of two talks by Dr Andrew Knight, presented on his recent speaking tour of Australia. The first reviews the evidence for the efficacy of vivisection, and shows some profound conclusions.

The information can be found in more detail in his book "The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experimentation".

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Zoe Weil is the co-founder of the Institute for Humane Education, in Maine, USA, and a world leader in the field of humane education.

Natalie Houghton is the CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia which delivers a humane education program called "Roots & Shoots". 

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia is currently in a working partnership with Zoe Weil.

Siobhan O’Sullivan from Melbourne University about animal advocacy and academia. We ask whether an academic can really make a difference in animal protection?