2015 Shows

Chay Neal and Rebecca Russo of Animal Liberation Queensland detail how the greyhound racing industry's live baiting exposé came to be, what the outcomes were, and what ALQ is planning for the future.

This is a recording of the presentation from the 2015 Animal Activists Forum in Melbourne.






Arian Wallach takes us through the 2nd part of "the Black Dog series".

Switching partridges and pear trees in the run up to Christmas with cane toads and other usual suspects of destruction in our environment , Arian sheds light on the  complex web of costs & benefits  introduced species contribute to biodiversity in Australia.

Dr Arian Wallach takes us through a friendlier look at our introduced species.

"Given half a chance Australia's introduced species provide far more benefits than harms".



While France spiralled into economic turmoil and poor harvests pushed the French people into starvation in the 1800s, the reigning Queen Marie Antoinette did not rein in her flamboyant and extravagant lifestyle. When informed her people could not even get bread to eat her flippant response was reputed to be , “let them eat cake” and she continued her excessive spending including building a lavish  new retreat in Versailles.

Bruce Friedrich from The Good Food Institute 

2015 Animal Activist Forum presentation - Veganism in a Nutshell: The health, environmental, human rights, and animal rights/ protection arguments for Veganism 

In the lead up to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) that begins in Paris late this month, we are replaying two very relevant interviews we originally broadcast in June:

Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop from Beyond Zero Emissions talks about BZE's Land Use Plan and its recommendations for Australia's animal agriculture industry. And Judith Friedlander from the University of Technology Sydney sheds some light on why mainstream media goes so quiet when it comes to meat's role in climate change.


This is a talk given by Dr Jonathon Balcombe at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne, at a Humane Research Australia event. The talk is entitled Animals' Inner Lives: Notes from a vegan biologist.

Kym Staton is the founder and organiser of the Sydney Vegan Club and he has a plan – a Vegan Australia by 2025.

Ambitious ? Maybe.

But Kym has strategy, analysis and enthusiasm on his side.

The Sydney Vegan Club hit the ground running; since its recent founding in 2013, it has become one of the largest vegan communities in the world with an impressive 6,000 members … and growing with every outreach event.

Sydney Vegan Club http://www.sydneyveganclub.com.au/

Today's show is a broadcast of Vegan Psychologist,
Communications Trainer and Author, Clare Mann's recent talk at Animal Activists Forum 2015. "What to say when you don’t know everything"


This is the excellent talk given by Kyle Behrend, from Edgar's Mission farm sanctuary, at the 2015 Animal Activist Forum in Melbourne.  He talks about the role of farm sanctuaries in animal advocacy and also about digital storytelling.  Great information for all animal activists.




In Australia, the current review of the Poultry Code is underway. The last review was in 2001 and gained pitifully little for the life of a chicken born into the food production industry which is of no surprise.  Birds don't belong in cages, let alone our plate. Likewise, animal welfare does not belong in the Department of Primary Industry. Like the wings of a caged hen, welfare ain't going to 'fly' there.

How can a Hindu-majority country that recognises cows as sacred also be a major global producer of beef, leather and milk?

Dr Yamini Narayanan provides insight into this perplexing contradiction. Dr Narayanan is an Australian Research Council DECRA Research Fellow at Deakin University.

On this week's show Elio Celotto from the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses discusses the group's plans for this year's sping racing carnival.


A speech by Philip Wollen at the recent Animal Law Conference, hosted by New South Wales Young Lawyers.

Philip Wollen is a former Vice-President of Citibank and was also General Manager at Citicorp. Wollen became a vegan following his departure from Citibank and is a prominent member of the animal rights movement. He conducts intervention programs to rescue abused animals and funds outreach programs that promote animal welfare and abstinence. At age 34, Australian Business Magazine named him in the top 40 headhunted executives in Australia. In 2005 he received the Medal of the Order of Australia and in 2007 he won the Australian of the Year (Victoria) award. In 2012 he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre of Animal Ethics, UK.

The opinions expressed in this talk are not those of NSW Young Lawyers

Emmanuel Giuffre, Legal Counsel for Voiceless, gives a presentation at the 2015 Animal Law Conference in Sydney that provides valuable insights into the animal welfare issues and legal framework of the Australian dairy industry.  The event was hosted by NSW Young Lawyers.

Dr Timothy Pachirat's keynote presentation from the recent Australasian Animal Studies Association Conference - Animal Publics: Emotions Empathy Activism.

The conference was hosted by the University of Melbourne and co-convened by the Human Rights and Animal Ethics Research Network (HRAE) and the Australian Centre.

This week's show present's highlights from the 2014 Animal Activists Forum, which was held in Sydney last October.

We present excerpts from three talks:
Experienced Lawyer / Criminal Defence Barrister
Legal Aspects of Animal Activism
Legal practitioners Daniel Beecher and David Risstrom lead an informative and thought provoking discussion on how activists can prepare for encounters with the legal system, and why it’s
important to do so.

Sustainable activism: How to avoid burn out
Drawing on 21-years of personal experience in the animal rights movement, this workshop focuses on the stresses and strains an individual can face being part of the movement and shares strategies and tactics to avoid becoming “burntout”. Bede Carmody has been involved in social change campaigning since the start of 1994, campaigning on both animal right and human rights. In 2001 he established A poultry place animal sanctuary. Since 2003 he has worked as a community organiser with the human rights organisation Amnesty International, a role which sees him working on a day-to-day basis with volunteer activists.

Australian greens Senator for NSW
The point of lobbying MPs when parliament fails to act on animal cruelty people’s passion for animal welfare crosses all political persuasions but still progress is slow on ending cruelty to domestic and farm animals as well as Australian wildlife. Lee’s talk explores why MPs are dragging the chain on animal welfare, how animal activists can use parliament, and what history shows us are effective tools is winning change.
Lee illustrates her talk with two campaigns - end live exports and ban the import of cosmetics tested on animals – to examine why these campaigns that have mobilised mass support have
stalled in parliament.

These three excerpts give just a taste of what is in store at this year's Animal Activists Forum, to be held at Melbourne Town Hall on 10th &11th October 2015. Tickets are now on sale!

We chat with Jian Yi, award winning film maker about the documentary called "What's for Dinner?" he directed for Brighter Green. "What's for Dinner?" is creating waves of awareness in China and globally about the issues concerning the rapidly growing consumption of meat in China.

Each year, right about now, approximately 80 000 unweaned seal pups are clubbed to death on the beaches of Namibia.  It's regarded as one of the cruellest hunts on Earth and one Australian citizen profits hugely from it. We chat with South African activists Pat Dickens, founder of The Seals of Nam, and Nikki Botha who are campaigning against the slaughter.  We also hear from Peter Shaughnessy of the South Australian Museum and Phil Cornelius of Animal Liberation South Australia about the proposed seal cull in South Australia's Coorong.


Phil Arkow from the Link Coalition tells us "Animal abuse is a human welfare issue"

Ahead of next week's tenth birthday celebrations, we chat with Nichola Donovan, President of Lawyers For Animals, about the past decade of advocating to improve the welfare of animals through education and the law.

Join us to help celebrate Lawyers For Animals reaching double figures – the big ONE Ohhhhh!


This week we chat with the International Vegan Rights Alliance, its founder Jeanette Rowley, and Australian representative Greg McFarlane. We discuss the paper Jeannette will be presenting at the current "ANIMAL PUBLICS: Emotions, Empathy, Activism" conference at The University of Melbourne. Her paper "Toward a vegan jurisprudence of human rights" provides much to discuss for vegan activists, and we hear from Greg McFarlane on the situation for vegans in Australian prisons.

So, you've always wanted to move to the country and have an animal sanctuary? If that's the case, you need to meet Justin Van Kleeck. He co-founded the Microsanctuary Movement which rethinks the conventional model of farm animal sanctuaries. Don't let your small urban space hold you back! 




We chat with the Australian Director of Animals Asia, Anne Lloyd -Jones & get the facts on the Yulin dog eating festival in China. We also discuss the mainstream media recommendations to swap beef for chicken to combat climate change with Mark & Simon from Less Meat, Less Heat & Paul Mahony, Terrastendo blogger & co-founder of Melbourne Pig Save.


This week we talk with Ahmad Safi, executive director of Palestinian Animal League, Ahmad is a Palestinian animal rights and veganism activist and founder of PAL. His work focuses on raising public awareness and the establishment of new laws for animal welfare and rights in Palestine.

"Every single one, who are breathing or not breathing are targetted from the occupation in this country" - Ahmed Safi

For further information, see:

These two species have brought together John Lemon of Painted Dog Conservation and Kevin Richardson to collaborate on an Australian speaking tour to help raise awareness of the plight of these two remarkable species.

Gerard Wedderburn-Bisshop from Beyond Zero Emissions talks about BZE's Land Use Plan and its recommendations for Australia's animal agriculture industry. And Judith Friedlander from the University of Technology Sydney sheds some light on why mainstream media goes so quiet when it comes to meat's role in climate change.





Ahead of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania conference, we talk to the opening night speaker, Dr Dinesh Wadiwel.

Dr Wadiwel is a Lecturer in Human Rights and Socio-Legal Studies at the University of Sydney. His research interests include sovereignty and the nature of rights, violence, race and critical animal studies. In his forthcoming book, The War against Animals, he argues that our mainstay relationships with billions of animals are essentially hostile and that our sovereign claim of superiority over other animals is founded on nothing else but violence.

The 3rd Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania conference
Conflict and Struggle, Resistance & Change
9-11 July 2015
Victorian Trades Hall, 53 Victoria St, Carlton
Register now ! http://www.criticalanimalstudies.org/oceania-conference/

A recent paper written by Leah Gibbs, Jennifer Atchison & Ingereth Macfarlane & published in Geoforum raises many questions about the place of camels in Australia.

When do we accept that a species belongs here? What does the hidden story of the camel have to tell us about our cultural development when it comes to ethnicity?

While some view camels as ferals to eradicate others are building up their camel herds to eat unwanted weeds. We share a rich mingling of living history with camels and just like us, they are here to stay - whether we like it or not.

Tune in as we chat with Dr Leah Gibbs.

Photo courteousy of Jennifer Atchison -Thankyou Jennifer!

This week we speak with Clair Linzey, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

Clair discusses the upcoming summer school and major report, "Normalising the Unthinkable - The ethics of using Animals in Research".


It's two and a half months since ABC's Four Corners report broadcast Making a Killing – an expose into the illegal use of small animals – piglets, possums, rabbits - as live bait to train greyhounds.

The undercover footage featured in the program, supplied by Animal Liberation Queensland & Animals Australia, horrified the public and sent shockwaves through the Australian greyhound racing industry - charges have been laid, industry boards stood down, life bans handed out and government inquiries launched.

Michael Webermann of FARM Animal Rights Movement.

We discuss the philosophy of FARM, how FARM works with other groups, Meat Out, and the American Animal Rights Conference.

We close the show with some poetry from friend of the show, Salome Argropoulous.


We chat with Mia Macdonald, Executive Director of policy action tank, "Brighter Green" about global agribusiness & finance focusing on China, animal activism in China, that headline that circulated last week, "Feds vegan diet best for planet" & "What's for dinner?", a groundbreaking Chinese documentary produced by Brighter Green & internationally recognized independent filmmaker, Jian Yi.



If you would like to add international comment to the US 2015 Dietary and Guidelines:http://www.health.gov/dietaryguidelines/dga2015/comments/writeComments.aspx

When you enter the dark halls of lethal control we use for wildlife population and "'pest control" 1080 poison is banned in most countries as an option -it is undeniably death by torture and it kills indiscriminately yet Australia still orders it in big time to use in our National parks, pastoral land & many large landholdings.

We catch up with Mark Pearson.

You may know him as the long-standing Executive Director of Animal Liberation in Australia but he is also in the running to be the first person to represent the Animal Justice Party in Australian state parliament.

That’s making history!

Mark is an Animal Justice Party general committee member, the Registered Officer for NSW and AJP’s lead candidate for the Legislative Council ( the seat that is still to be decided!)

So tune in for a NSW election wrap up from an Animal Justice Party perspective.


This week's show features Donalea Patman from "For the Love of Wildlife". Donalea was instrumental in lobbying Minster for the Environment Greg Hunt and Jason Wood MP to ban the importation of lion trophies to Australia.
We hear how Donalea lobbied for this ban, and how a relative outsider to the animal protection movement was able to achieve so much.




AAAh..the kisses of crystal eucalypt air smudged by the welcome aroma of a campfire beckons many of us in autumn to pack our swag & go camping in the Snowy Mountain regions or Kosciuszko National Park -beautiful areas that have long been suitable homes for our brumbies whether you like it or not.
Before you cast an opinion on the brumby this show is a MUST listen & invites good discussion to have for the coming Easter chats around your campfire or home hearth.
We chat with Colleen O'Brien, President of the Victorian Brumby Association and highlight her serious concerns regarding the New South Wales National Parks public consultation process regarding brumby population management.

**Photo courteousy of the Australian Brumby Alliance titled,"The Boys".

Jill Pickering, President of the ABA notes the picture ," is full of expression on how wild horses interact as a family mob, which is how they survive, not as loners. "



For more information on Dr Arian Wallach: http://www.dingobiodiversity.com

We discover what it is that makes vegan children's books so special, including interviews with Ruby Roth (the world's leading writer/illustrator of this genre), Kathleen McLaren (a writer/illustrator from Tasmania), and Matthew Cole (a British sociologist and co-author of academic text "Our Children and Other Animals").



I am FEMALE, hear me ROAR!

Feminists are breaking down the species barrier and standing in solidarity with their sisters whether of hoof, claw, feather or flipper.

We find out why animal rights is a feminist issue, trace back the historical links between the feminist and animal rights movements in Britain and are tempted by some theory being put into delicious practice.

It's time to talk about the cow in the women's room!

This week's show we are live in the studio with Miranda from The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses.



We also have an interview with representatives of No New Animal Lab, a group set up to oppose the building of a new vivisection laboratory at the University of Washington.


This week's show will continue the scrutiny of the Greyhound Industry with an interview with Carey Theil of Grey2KUSA.

Grey2KUSA is a group leading the worldwide movement to end greyhound racing.


We chat with inspiring advocates who are helping turn the tide on how we think about the greatly (& criminally!) misunderstood shark.

Our guests are Sharnie Connell, Founder of No NSW Shark Cull & Michelle and Dan from Fin Free Melbourne.

The oceans provide most of our oxygen - and the sharks are in charge -we need them on our Like list people!


For more information on the Love Shark Action Day on February 22nd: https://www.facebook.com/FinFreeMelbourne

For more information on the mentioned documentary Sharkwater: http://www.sharkwater.com/

For more information on the brutal shark fin industry & products made from sharks : http://www.seashepherd.org/sharks/shark-finning.html

James Aspey is a twenty-something, sydney-sider who decided to spend 2014 traveling around Australia raising awareness about the exploitation of animals; the way we use and harm animals for our food, our clothing, our entertainment - the kicker here - is that he would advocate for animals in silence to acknowledge the voicelessness of animals.

We talk, yes talk (!), to James about his campaign - Voiceless 365 - a twelve month vow of silence for animals.

Voiceless 365 http://www.voiceless365.com/

The Freedom of Species' team is back behind the mics with a review of 2014 and looking forward to the major animal protection campaigns of 2015.

We also catch up with Kristin, Campaign Director for Melbourne Against Horse-Drawn Carriages.

Although Horse-drawn vehicles (HDVs) are supported by the City of Melbourne and operate within the CBD and surrounds, Melbourne Against Horse-Drawn Carriages believes that a modern city is no place for horses.

Horse-drawn carriage rides are often promoted as sentimental outings but, perhaps they are – as the campaign slogan suggests - ‘not as romantic as you might think’.