2013 Shows

Shining a light on the hush-hush kangaroo kill at the Puckapunyal Army Base, just outside of Seymour in North Central Victoria.

We'll be catching up with experienced kangaroo advocates, Fiona Corke and Nikki Sutterby from the Australian Society for Kangaroos (ASK).

ASK volunteers are on the ground at the military base aiming to stop the kill and demanding permits be suspended until a current kangaroo management plan has been developed. An updated management plan may find that there is no scientific basis for issuing kangaroo cull permits.

We also have a Christmas treat opinion piece from the wonderful wordsmith Lawrence Pope and ripper Xmas poems from Jenny Moxham

If I was handing out some '2013 Melburnians of the Year' trophies I would give one each to these 2 guests who have inspired me & many others with their dedication and 'can do' attitude. I chat with Abby Gee who created the Oscar's Law Animal Advocacy Program & Matt from Noah's Bark Rescue.

Above  is a picture  of Matt with the gorgeous 'Kippers' who is looking for his forever home..


If I was handing out some '2013 Melburnians of the Year' trophies I would give one each to these 2 guests who have inspired me & many others with their dedication and 'can do' attitude. I chat with Abby Gee (photographed above) who created the Oscar's Law Animal Advocacy Program & Matt from Noah's Bark Rescue.



Taiji, a small Japanese town, had a secret. This secret was exposed when the 2009 Academy Award–winning documentary, 'The Cove', hit big & small screens around the world.

'The Cove' documented the Taiji dolphin drive, an annual mass killing of dolphins and capture for the live dolphin trade. Although viewers were shocked by ocean water stained red with the blood of slain dolphins, these scenes continue today. We are currently mid-season of what has been dubbed the ‘Taiji dolphin massacre’.

Len Varley is a passionate marine conservationist and activist. He has made three visits to the notorious Taiji cove. His experience has inspired two books, 'Salt Water Tears' and 'Deeper Water'. Len is the co-founder of marine conservation group, Freedom Blue.

Dr Elizabeth Hawkins, Founding Director and Executive Officer of Dolphin Research Australia Inc., provides an Australian perspective.

To celebrate International Day of People with Disability (Dec 3rd) we will be showcasing the work of Sunaura “Sunny” Taylor.

Sunaura is an American painter and activist for disability and animal rights. She was born with arthrogryposis, a rare congenital joint disorder, that severely restricts the use of her legs or arms. She uses a motorised wheelchair and her mouth to paint. She is an abolitionist vegan.

Her published articles include The Right Not to Work: Disability and Capitalism, Is It Possible to Be a Conscientious Meat Eater?, Should We Eat Meat? and Beasts of Burden: Animals and Disability.

Her academic and artistic work explores the commonalities between ableism and speciesism. Sunaura believes both disability and animal oppression are often rooted in similar paradigms – those of dependency, nature and normalcy.

Tune in, limber up and lean in ... it's time to do some paradigm shifting!

We talk to Kim Socha about animal liberation, feminism, prison abolition and so much more. Kim is a Professor of English at Normandale Community College (Minnesota/U.S.) and a member of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS), having sat on the ICAS board from 2011 to 2013. Kim is author of Women, Destruction and the Avant-Garde: A Paradigm for Animal Liberation (Rodopi 2011), contributing editor to Confronting Animal Exploitation: Grassroots Essays on Liberation and Veganism (McFarland 2013), and author of the upcoming book Atheism and Animal Liberation: Remaking the Procrustean Bed (Freethought House 2014). On a local level, she is Vice-President of Minnesota’s Animal Rights Coalition and an activist for animal liberation, drug policy reform, and transformative justice.

Africa has the Lion. Australia has the Dingo as our Apex Predator. Protector of Biodiversity. So very Sacred in indigenous cultures- 'Our Dingo' compelled Professor Deborah Bird Rose to title her book, "Dingo Makes us Human".

OUR DINGO is Protected yet vermin. Sacred yet cruelly baited. A pest trapped & shot. Tune in this Sunday as we chat with Christopher Johnson -part of the team who won a prestigious Eureka Prize for Environmental Research showing how important our Dingo is for our Environment. We also chat with Professor Deborah Bird Rose, Environmental Humanities UNSW & Marie -Louise Sarjeant from the OCHRE Project.

NATIONAL DINGO DAY is coming up on the 26th November!

***The DUNNY DOOR CHALLENGE*** Spread the positive vibe for change old style with these posters AND where better to contemplate the message than the back of a dunny door!!? (Just a suggestion!) Paste these posters wherever - maybe it's on a corrugated iron dunny door in the outback -maybe at your college campus or your local music haunt or pub. Let us know where!

Stop UK Repression

An interview with Emma & Lorna from "Stop UK Repression". Emma & Lorna discuss their recent trial at the Old Bailey, which was the cumulation of a major UK police operation mounted in response to a peaceful five minute demonstration and leafleting session. They then go on to discuss the ways in which the British government uses the law to harass political activists, and what activists are doing in response. This interview was recorded at the UK Animal Rights gathering in August 2013.

Stop UK Repression was formed to create a network of resistance and solidarity with people in the UK who are experiencing state repression due to their political beliefs and alleged involvement in campaigns, protest groups and activism.

World Vegan Day is celebrated on the 1st of November all over the globe: Chicago, Boston, Paris, Shanghai, Kypselis in Greece, throughout the UK, Tokyo, Dublin, Montevideo in Uruguay, Invercargill in New Zealand … you get the picture... it's big and it's getting bigger! Next weekend thousands of people will continue the celebration at the World Vegan Day Melbourne festival.

Mark Donnedu is the director of World Vegan Day Melbourne. He joins us to discuss the evolution of veganism, the festival and what a vegan world would actually look like.

We also have vox pops from some of the World Vegan Day Melbourne festival's musicians, contributors & stall holders.

So check out the World Vegan Day Melbourne programme, put the 10th of November in your diary and see you at the festival : )

P.S Spring Racing Carnival is also in full swing so Lawrence Pope shares a few choice words in his opinion piece about the horse racing industry. The frocks, fascinators, roses and champers may make it look like entertainment but the froth and bubble cannot hide the callous world of big business and gambling. The only sure bet is that the horses are the guaranteed losers. The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses is working hard to change that and you can help them secure a retirement plan for ex-racehorses.

Tune in for a chat with the animal behaviourist Kevin Richardson. Kevin has found a way to manifest a trusting bond with Lions and Hyenas on his sanctuary -one that is not mastered by the fear of 'sticks and chains'. Kevin is coming to Australia in November 2013 with the Painted Dog Conservation Group with his message of rethinking the way we treat our Top and very important predators.

Felicity Andersen - Animal Liberation Victoria.

Felicity is the volunteer coordinator and outreach officer for Animal Liberation Victoria.

Animal Liberation Victoria was founded in 1978 to abolish animal exploitation and embraces the principle of non-violence.

Felicity discusses the concept of animal liberation, open rescues and Animal Liberation Victoria's most recent campaign 'Free Range Fraud'.

 We chat  with Rheya Linden, Campaign Director of Animal Active focusing on her work with the Brushtail and Ringtail Possums in Melbourne, the subject of which will be the focus of an upcoming documentary, "Possum Wars" to be aired on the ABC. The inspiring & dedicated Rheya holds true to an "unassailable ethic of care" at the core of her activism and never strays from it!


Rescue companions and humans who love them

We are joined by Esther who discusses her life with rescue dog companions. She has 2 dog companions who have changed her life and solidified her commitment to animal liberation. She also discusses their vegan diet and offers advice for people who foster rescue dog companions.

We also chat with Patrycja from Unforgettable Creatures (UNC) who are a Melbourne based non-for-profit initiative consisting of passionate and dedicated individuals focused on rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing companion animals in crisis. Patrycja tells us about her childhood in Eastern Europe and how rescuing a near-frozen dog led her to where she is today: rescuer and passionate activist. UNC are an expanding group in Melbourne and are always looking for new foster carers, and you will find out how you can be involved.

Don't support cruelty - foster and adopt.



A show for the oceans. We begin with an interview with Dan Burke of marine protection organisation The Black Fish.

Following this we chat with Alice Wilkin of Melbourne based group Bluefin Action.

For further details, see:





 We chat with Queensland Artist and Wildlife Carer Daryl Dickson whose passion for wildlife conservation and art is infectious!

Believe me, you will want to book the next flight up North to witness a Mahogany Glider (a relative to the Leadbeaters Possum) after listening to her.



It was this common sense comment from comedian and Nova radio presenter, Dave Hughes, that sent the dairy industry and the newly-formed dairy lobby group, Farmer Power, into defence mode and damage control.

Why is common sense thinking so threatening to the dairy industry?

Freedom of Species takes a look behind the dairy farm gate, we get nutrition facts NOT paid for by the dairy industry and discover some tasty dairy-free alternatives that are just an arm’s reach away from you in the supermarket.

Anthony a passionate and tireless animal activist who talks about activism, intersectionality and ideas for radical change.

He is a co-founder of eco-ability, disability pedagogy, critical animal studies and is a scholar-activist in the fields of education and justice, peace and conflict studies. He is internationally known for his innovative, transformative, and intersectional collaborations and he has published numerous books and articles, including the co-edited "Terrorists or Freedom Fighters: Reflections on the Liberation of Animals".

Anthony has been an animal activist since the loss of his cat Sparkle, and he will inspire you with his passion and visions for change.

Sarah Davison is standing as the second Senate candidate in Victoria for the Animal Justice Party.

The Animal Justice Party has been established to give voice to those who have none – to pursue the vital issues of animal protection through the Australian Parliamentary System by:

• Encouraging the adoption of animal-friendly policies by other political parties
• Demonstrating that voters care about animal issues by contesting elections
• Educating the electorate about the animal policies of candidates from other political parties.

President of the Animal Justice Party, Professor Steve Garlick explains the need for the party by saying “For the many voters wanting to truly help animals, a new door has opened. It is not entrapped with any compromise – it is the Animal Justice Party”,

Tune in to get the lowdown on the AJP in the upcoming federal election – its history, policies and party preferencing.

Be informed. Be a political animal!

The tiny Leadbeater's Possum is under very serious threat of extinction. Yet this is not an exotic species thousands of miles away. This is an endemic species at our own back door - here on the edge of metropolitan Melbourne.

We speak to dedicated key players in the campaign to save Victoria's faunal emblem and how this species acts as the 'canary in the coalmine' of sustainable forest management: Dr Dan Harley from Zoos Victoria, Pam Miskin from Friends of Leadbeater's Possum, and Sarah Rees from My Environment.


That's right, we are excited to be adding a few strings to our bow.

We'll be introducing our new team member, Jessica Ison, launching a Lawrence Pope opinion piece segment and announcing a new addition to our website.

Listen in to hear how our new strings will help us play a louder and richer animal advocacy tune!

This is a powerful reminder of how one individual can have an enormous effect on implementing a better world for animals. We chat with local activist Kathleen Chapman about her successful campaign with "SAVE DAREBIN PETS" in Melbourne.

As mentioned on the show, Save-A-Dog Scheme has been running for many years as a successful No-Kill shelter in Melbourne.

Check the link out here but be warned - there are many beautiful dogs and cats that will tempt you for adoption!


In the lead up to her Australia/NZ speaking tour later this month, social psychologist & professor Dr Joy (author of "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, & Wear Cows") explains the psychology of carnism, that is, people's willlingness to eat certain animals - enabled only through blocking out what we know about the capacity for animals' consciousness and the ability to feel pain, and the inhumane husbandry practiced all over the world, simply to satisfy a taste for foods we don't need. Dr Joy provides fascinating insights for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike.

Carnism Awareness & Action Network http://www.carnism.org

Jane Goodall Institute Australia http://www.janegoodall.org.au

Can you eat meat and really care about the animals on your dinner plate? Can you continue to care for animals if your job is to kill animals ?

These are some of the questions that Madeleine Parry asks in her two award-winning documentaries, MurderMouth and Meatwork.

Madeleine shines a light on society's collective blind spot and sits with the uncomfortable, immovable fact that over 500 million land animals are killed in Australia every year for human consumption. Each animal is being killed by someone and is being eaten by another.

The documentaries weren't easy to produce, they are not easy documentaries to watch and this interview will not be an easy interview to listen to.

Both documentaries were produced by Daniel Joyce from Projector Films.

Dylan Powell is the co-founder of Marineland Animal Defense (M.A.D) a grassroots organisation implementing a pressure campaign to shutdown Marineland Canada... & by Marineland's feverish SLAPP happy response, it appears to be working !

Dylan talks DIY activism, campaign strategies, whistle blowing employees, SLAPP suits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) and the pearls of wisdom hidden amongst the pages of The Talon Conspiracy archival activist zines.

ALL Australians need to TUNE in to hear how precious & important our "Vanishing Icon" - the Dingo - is before it's too late! We chat with the inspiring Jennifer Parkhurst (pictured above) and also Marilyn Nuske, solicitor and committee member of Save the Fraser Island Dingoes and also member of the Barristers for Animal Welfare Panel.




We all want community safety to be taken very seriously - that is agreed upon. The fact is we need systems in place that are shown to be useful, effective and realistic in relation to bringing down dog attack rates. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), as I have found out, is disturbingly none of these. We chat with:

Graeme McEwen, Chair of the Barristers for Animal Welfare Panel - http://www.bawp.org.au

Kersti Seksel, Veterinary Behaviourist - http://www.sabs.com.au/

Jen Adams, Western Australians Against Breed Specific Legislation - http://www.waabsl.com

This week's show features an interview with Josh Harper, former SHAC-7 political prisoner and genius behind The Talon Conspiracy.
Josh discusses life after prison, and gives his thoughts on the need to remember the history of the movement, Karl Marx's attitude to animal rights, intersectionality, and hypocrisy in the movement. A packed interview with a legendary ativist.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty SHAC http://www.shac.net


We chat with the dedicated & inspiring wildlife carer Louise Bonomi & listen to Vegan Smythe's new tune, along with news & upcoming not-to-be-missed events.

Wildlife carers often work through the night and care for our precious and vitally important wildlife in order to release them back into their natural habitat - a habitat that is under extreme pressure from our human encroachment.


After all, wildlife carers are taking responsibility for the rest of society.

What do wildlife carers gain? Many sleepless nights and they often foot the bill for much food and equipment... however, the rewards for seeing the animals released back into their environment is beyond heartfelt words.


It's time... yes, it's time to support independent media.

In this federal election year, 3CR Community Radio is asking supporters of independent media to make a political donation by giving money to the station during its annual Radiothon – that's now until Sunday.

Laurie Levy is the founder and tireless Campaign Director of the Coalition Against Duck Shooting. He speaks about Victoria's 2013 recreational duck shooting season that's coming to a close this weekend, including the Box Flat Reserve massacre, the new regulations designed to keep rescuers and media off the wetlands, the conflict of interest that exists in the State Government's game authority, the pest control myth, and the out-of-control behaviour displayed by many shooters.

On the other side of the world but in a similar vein, the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) actively campaigns against the illegal bird hunting that occurs on a massive scale each year in Europe, as birds migrate south to Africa. We speak with key CABS member David Conlin about the issue and the role that CABS plays in these killing fields.



Historian, author and educator Jason Hribal has dedicated the past 15 years to exploring ideas about animal agency and resistance to exploitation, often striking at the roots of rigid academic theory.

His book 'Fear of the Animals Planet – The Hidden History of Animal Resistance' and contributions to CounterPunch bring his meticulously researched, well–considered, yet controversial theories to the general readership ... to much applause and even, standing ovations, wolf whistles and shouts of 'more, more'.

"Ag-Gag" Laws: This week's show features an interview with Amy Meyer, the first person to be charged under Utah's law against photographing agricultural operations. We then hear from Mark Pearson, President of Animal Liberation, about recent legal cases which could have had severe consequences for Australian animal activists.

Tune in & turn on the salt lamp as Freedom of Species chats with Rachael Morris, a Love Life coach who has wonderful & helpful 'IN'sights for all activists. Rachael’s inspiring interview is guaranteed to encourage us all to hug that feisty activist soul within ourselves (and be honest with it) a lot more.

For more information, contact: info[at]lovelifecoach.com.au

From humble jungle beginnings, today the pig is the one of the most prolific mammals on earth, yet almost invisible.

Most of us believe we know what a pig is, but do we really?

Dr Brett Mizelle has learnt a trough-load about pigs since researching his book, 'Pig'. The book is his contribution to the Reaktion Animal Series edited by Jonathan Burt, an animal-studies academic and researcher.

Dr Mizelle is a Professor of History at California State University Long Beach. He frequently teaches the history of human-animal relationships in his History and American Studies courses.

We also hear an Australian perspective from Paul Mahoney, co-founder of the local group, Melbourne Pig Save.

And Emma Haswell, founder of Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania, who knows many pigs personally, shares with us the joy of spending quality time with her porcine friends.

Jordan is a young Melbourne activist who founded Australia's first Fin Free group: Fin Free Ranges, in Melbourne's Yarra Ranges. He is also the founder and president of Shark Defence Australia.

Jordan's campaigns are raising awareness amongst our community of the critical plight of the world's shark populations, including the need to modify our consumer and lifestyle behaviour.

'Save Me' is a non-profit organisation based in the UK & founded by the fabulous Brian May. (Yes- the Brian May whose MANY talents include being guitarist for the famous "QUEEN " rock band).

'Save Me' challenges the cruel minority in our society that feels it is their right to persecute and torture wildlife for sport, in the case of foxes, or to protect agricultural interests, in the case of the badger.

Anne Brummer, Chief Executive of 'Save Me' discusses the controversial badger culls due to start in June.

Please sign the international petition on the Save Me website to help STOP THE CULL! (just scroll down on the right hand side of the Save Me Home Page)



Ahead of Anzac day, we remember animals caught up in human conflicts – as military animals, mascots, companions and animal civilians.

Interviews with:
Anthony Hill, former journalist and political speech writer and author of 'Animal Heroes'.

Pen Farthing ex-Royal marine who serviced in Now Zad province in Afghanistan back in 2006 and founder of Nowzad, an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Afghanistan, including assisting soliders to return home with the animals they have befriended once their military service is over.

Joanne McArthur - creator of 'We Animals'. 'We Animals' is an ambitious project that uses photography as a powerful tool in the world of animal activism.

We Animals aims to break down the barriers that humans have built which allow us to treat non-human animals as objects and not as beings with moral significance.

Joanne is also the focus of an upcoming documentary "The Ghosts In Our Machine".

This week we have the second of our talks by Dr Andrew Knight presented on his recent speaking tour of Australia.

This one is about Humane Verterinary Training, we will also be joined in the studio by Dr Marianne Bol.

Marianne the first person to qualify as a vet in Australia using humane methods.

For further information: http://www.andrewknight.info/

We present the first of two talks by Dr Andrew Knight, presented on his recent speaking tour of Australia. The first reviews the evidence for the efficacy of vivisection, and shows some profound conclusions.

The information can be found in more detail in his book "The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experimentation".

For further information, see http://www.andrewknight.info/



The waves have barely settled from the anti - whaling clashes in the Southern Ocean and the battle-weary ships have just made it back to port ... tune in to get an Operation Zero Tolerance campaign wrap.

We talk to Kelly Higgins, Personal Assistant to Sea Shepherd's founder Paul Watson and Eliza Muirhead, an official Sea Shepherd photographer.

Operation Zero Tolerance is the 9th Sea Shepherd expedition to oppose the illegal activities of the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

By all accounts, it's the most successful yet - 768 whales on Japan's hit list are now swimming free thanks to the non-violent, direct action strategies of the Sea Shepherd 120+ international crew.

Zoe Weil is the co-founder of the Institute for Humane Education, in Maine, USA, and a world leader in the field of humane education.

Natalie Houghton is the CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia which delivers a humane education program called "Roots & Shoots". 

The Jane Goodall Institute Australia is currently in a working partnership with Zoe Weil.

This week, we'll hear about the planned extension of Western Australia's State Barrier Fence, AKA Rabbit Proof Fence. We'll be chatting with Keith Bradby from Gondwana Link and Jenny Lau from Birdlife Australia.

This week's show focuses on the political arena, with Marianne Thieme of the Dutch Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren, PvdD).

We will be playing excerpts from Marianne's talk at the recent Campaigning for Success workshop which was held in Melbourne on 20th January 2013.

Marianne begins by talking about her background and the history of the party, and goes onto discuss the growth of the party.

Our show this week features Kevin White of Midland Vegan Campaigns. He talks about his work in animal rights campaigning that has ranged from anti vivisection camapigns including the Shamrock Monkey Farm, Regal Rabbits Farm and Hillgrove Cat Farm campaigns. He discusses his experiences of lock-ons and subsequent arrests as part of the SHAC campaign and his recent experiences in organising the West Midlands Vegan Fair.http://www.veganmidlands.org.uk/

VEGANIC GARDENING! What? Veganic Gardening. Listen in to hear what veganic gardening is and how it's done, direct from a Canberra veganic gardener of 25 years.

Barbara Schreiner is a self-confessed veganic gardening obsessive who is also a teacher of this particular type of cultivation. She explains why and how she practices veganic gardening.


Three interviews all about wombats.

We chat with Jenny Mattingley from Mange Management

Jacqui Mills from the Wombat Foundation

David Alder from the Wombat Protection Society.

Karol is the Toronto-based filmmaker behind the production company, Decipher Films. He recently released his first feature-length documentary - Maximum Tolerated Dose.

This unique documentary charts the lives of both humans and non-humans who have experienced animal testing first-hand, with hauntingly honest testimony of scientists and lab technicians whose ethics demanded they choose a different path, as well as the simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of animals who have seen both sides of the cage.