Myq Kaplan AKA

We’re joined by comedian Myq Kaplan who discusses comedy and veganism.


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We're joined by sociologist Corey Wrenn who discusses the impact coronavirus/COVID-19 has had on animals, as well as the role of eating animals in this virus and many other diseases.


For more on this issue, have a look at the publications on COVID-19 and animals for the Animals and Society Section of the American Sociological Association:

Scary Goats interview 3cr studio

On this show we discuss the horror/comedy play ‘Scary Goats Tour’ with the producer of the play Chloe Towan and cast member Dominik Shields.


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This show features environmental activist Mark Allen on working together across different social movements, particularly in light of recent tensions between environmental and animal movements. There are also some interviews with activists who were addressing the environmental impact of animal agriculture at the Climate Crisis: National Day of Action - Melbourne.


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Charlie and Katie

On this show animal activist Katie Batty discusses some of the companion animals she has shared her home with (including Charlie pictured here) as a starting point to investigate our relationships with companion animals and animals generally.


Emma and Willow the sheep sitting on some stairs

We speak to Emma Hakansson, who works to create a kinder world for animals. Her passion for ethical fashion—ethical being vegan, fair and sustainable—has seen her found Willow Creative Co., a content production and ethics consultation agency for fashion labels. She is a model, a writer and is involved in various campaigns including Animal Liberation Victoria, Wool Truth and Goat Truth.

Dr Simon Coghlan

We speak with Dr Simon Coghlan, a Senior Research Fellow in Digital Ethics at the University of Melbourne. Simon is a philosopher, ethicist and had a previos life as a veterinarian. We discuss his current research interests including the ethics of animals, robots, AI and the environment. 


Simon's articles on The Conversation

Music video - Yona, 'One'

Dilan and Harley

On this show we’re joined by Dilan Fernando and Harley McDonald-Eckersall who discuss Animal Rebellion, an organisation that connects animals and the climate crisis by advocating for a plant-based food system.


This is our final show for the year. We'll be taking a break from the show over Summer and will be back to normal programming on the 19th Jan. Summer Specials will be running in the time slot for the next 4 weeks.


Nick, Harley, Adam and Christian (from left to right)

On this show we recap some of the key themes and ideas raised at the recent Liberated Futures conference, which was all about creating better futures for all animals.


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Lawrence Pope is back in the studio talking about flying foxes.  As the president of the Friends of Bats & Bushcare group, Lawrence is one of Australia's foremost advocates of this magnificent creature.  At the time of this interview, he's also caring for two orphaned flying fox pups.  

free animals

We're joined by animal advocates Meghan and Harley who discuss changes in the movement over the decades, the importance of centering animals in the animal liberation movement and the place of animals in the environmental movement.



We speak with Melbourne-based animal rights activist Kelly Gamble about the rise of direct action in 2019, the emotional toll of standing up against large-scale institutions, and the future of activism.

Madison Griffiths

On this show, we introduce our newest team member, Madison Griffiths, who discusses growing opposition to the Melbourne Cup horse race, the common association between eating meat and masculinity, and the new Netflix documentary The Game Changers that challenges this connection by looking into athletes eating a plant-based diet.



We speak with Elio Celotto, Campaign Director with the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses (CPR), about the dark secret of the Australian horse racing industry, as recently revealed by the ABC's 7.30 Report. Elio talks about the thousands of prize-winning racehorses that meet cruel brutal deaths in abattoirs each year, to be sold as pet meat or to be exported for human consumption.

We also debut the new music track "You Bet, They Die", written specifically for the CPR campaign.  

Animal Activists Forum

On this show, we discuss some of the talks and key themes from the recent Animal Activists Forum, which took place in Melbourne.


You can find out more about this Forum and listen to talks from previous events here:


We discuss recent news in the world of animal activism and veganism, including a chat about the documentary 'The Game Changers', footage showing the horrors of the horse racing industry, and animal testing.


Katja & Nick of local volunteer organisation Mange Management talk about the devastating impacts of the mange mite parasite on wombats.  They explain how mange can be identified, how it can be successfully treated by members of the public and landholders with Mange Management's support, and how the government could better respond to this issue that's causing immense suffering to our native wildlife.  

Mange Management

Stop Animal Experimentation

This show features representatives from the new activist group Collectively Free – melbourne who discuss their Animals Against Animal Experiments campaign, Liberated Futures conference and the importance of standing up against all forms of oppression.


Collectively Free – melbourne Facebook page:


Animals Against Animal Experiments campaign:


dont have a cow

On this show we’re joined by activist Meghan Street, host of Green Left Radio on 3CR, who discusses the recent Global Strike For Climate marches and how vegan activists can better connect with environmental and Left movements. Meghan also covers how the desire for constant growth harms the environment and the other animals we share it with.


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Martin Stringer is a nature photographer & videographer who has become personally involved in crowd-funded tropical rainforest protection & restoration projects, both in Australia's Daintree and in the Amazon.  He explains these inspiring conservation programs and the huge benefits they're having on wildlife and carbon storage.   


Rainforest Trust

Nikki Viveca

We are joined by Nikki Viveca, a Melbourne-based performer who brings a touch of theatre to stand-up. Nikki has performed solo shows, such as Asexual Healing, was most recently performing in the Comedy Festival improv show Completely Improvised Potter (which is great!), and has won the 2019 Midsumma Poetry Slam.

Bullfighting protest in Colombia

This is a presentation given by Terry Hurtado, an environmental & animal rights activist in Colombia, at the Decolonizing Animals conference in New Zealand in July 2019.  

Paul-Mikhail Catapang Podosky

We’re joined by social philosopher Paul-Mikhail Catapang Podosky who discusses his academic work exploring the way the meat-eating industry uses the term “humane” to avoid the questioning of the killing of animals.


Laila Kassam

In this week's show, we hear a talk by Laila Kassam titled How can we build a powerful mass movement for animal justice.

Laila Kassam is a part of the Animal Think Tank Collective. You can find resources and more about the collective's work on their website. 


Reem Lascelles from EVER Sanctuary is in the studio, talking about the devastating plight of rabbits farmed for meat in Australia and why they are largely invisible in our society.  She describes the appalling conditions that they are subjected to, from birth to slaughter, and the physical and psychological impacts that such conditions have on a highly sensitive, social, and intelligent animal.  Reem also explains the many different degrees of welfare protection that may be applied to this single breed, the New Zealand White, and how she follows a campaign path that incorporates both increm

Melissa Laing

We’re joined by PhD candidate Melissa Laing who discusses her research on social workers standing up for companion animals, in addition to their human clients.


On this show, we’re joined by Mary Merkenich, a member of Socialist Alliance and writer for Green Left Weekly, who discusses links between capitalism and the oppression of animals.


Greater glider

We hear from Sue McKinnon & Peter Roberts, both of the Kinglake Friends of the Forest community group which is going head-to-head with the government-owned logging company VicForests, to save the little-known greater glider from extinction.

Dr Maddie Judge presenting vegan research

We are joined by two researchers who investigate the psychology of veganism. Maddie North is a Deakin University PhD candidate investigating the role of social norms in veganism and the individual’s willingness to reduce meat consumption. Dr Madeline Judge shares their research into the psychological and ideological foundations of veganism and the stereotypes non-vegans use to define vegans.

News link:

Arian Wallach

Conservation is a field of research and practice that works to protect the environment. Despite our efforts in conservation for over a century, we are still whitnessing the significant degradation of landscape through habitat and biodiversity loss. 

Compassionate Conservation is a new movement within conservation that tries to respond to several ethical issues within the field. We speak with Dr Arian Wallach, a key researcher in Compassionate Conservation at the University of Technology Sydney.   

humane milk is a lie

On this show we explore the world of "humane" animal products and the marketing of animal products.


For more on this topic, you can view the resources below:

Factory-farmed hens

We share a presentation given by David Nibert, a sociology professor from Ohio's Wittenberg University, on the animal industrial complex.

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Joey & mum

FINALLY, the show that the pet food industry didn't want you to hear.  

Nikki Sutterby, the President of the Australian Society for Kangaroos, explains the horrors of the Victorian Government's Kangaroo Pet Food Trial.  Including how the kangaroo population is being pushed ever closer to extinction, the profit motives, and the inherent cruelties.  Despite it all being explictly known and reported by the government's own agencies, the trial is set to become a permanent program.  


This show features speeches and music from the Climate Emergency XR Snap Rally in Melbourne on May 24th. We play a speech from Violet (pictured) and music from Steven and Mark. For more information on this event, organised by Extinction Rebellion Victoria, you can see the Facebook event page:


You can listen to more of this event here:


Dennis Black

We hear from Dennis Black, a zoologist who's been interested in frogs for much of his working life.  He tells us about some of his favourite frogs, about the very serious trouble that frog populations are in due to the chytrid fungus as well as various other anthropogenic factors, and the greater biodiversity crisis that we're in the midst of.