Why are we killing our dingos?

Dingo Den Sanctuary

We talk about dingos and the fact that these important apex predators are killed under wild dog 'management' plans. Who are we referencing when we use the name wild dog or dingo anyhow? It seems everyone and their dog (pardon the pun) has a story about wild dogs or dingos, however, few of us in the city really understand who we are talking about.

Guests: Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, Arian Wallach (link is external), Joshua Said (link is external) & Mark Pearson.

Let's ban the cruel poison 1080!  The AJP are holding a summit on August 25th in Melbourne: https://www.facebook.com/events/150997448922798/

As you read this a dingo (like this beauty above) is stuck in a leg trap somewhere, hurt & confused, for maybe  days on end or suffering a slow & very painful death from 1080 poison. No species should be subjected to this cruelty. Photo courtesy of the Dingo Den