Terry Hurtado - The animal rights movement in Colombia

Bullfighting protest in Colombia

This is a presentation given by Terry Hurtado, an environmental & animal rights activist in Colombia, at the Decolonizing Animals conference in New Zealand in July 2019.  

"Colombia had a very strong welfareist tradition linked to dog and cat shelters, and to some extent, the welfare of horses used for pulling wagons. New generations took reasonability to fight against spectacles in which non-human animals were used, like bullfights, horse parades and circus displaying new ways of advocacy, and bringing in innovative discussions for the country. The new ways of advocacy, as activism, brought a shift in how organization members perceived their role. The way the public and the media saw organizations that worked for animals, changed as well."

Decolonizing Animals conference  https://aasa2019.org/

Photo credit:  Alejandro Sánchez Lariccia