Support the summit on 1080 poison

It really doesn't matter what your stance is on particular species and whether you think they need to be controlled, protected or culled for this one. 1080 poison is an extremely cruel way to kill an animal - it can take days of horrific pain for the individual to die. Let's ban it. Please buy a ticket to the 1080 summit even if you cannot attend - just $15 to support this necessary conversation for change for all species in our environment. The speakers are all awesome! Buy a ticket here today please!…/animal_justice_party_nat…

Here's the podcast to our chat on 1080 with Charlie Jackson-Martin from Sydney Fox & Dingo rescueAndy Meddick from the AJP talks about the summit & will be present at the summit, too.
& keep an eye on the Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison: