Nikki Sutterby & Fiona Corke - Puckapunyal kangaroo kill

Shining a light on the hush-hush kangaroo kill at the Puckapunyal Army Base, just outside of Seymour in North Central Victoria.

We'll be catching up with experienced kangaroo advocates, Fiona Corke and Nikki Sutterby from the Australian Society for Kangaroos (ASK).

ASK volunteers are on the ground at the military base aiming to stop the kill and demanding permits be suspended until a current kangaroo management plan has been developed. An updated management plan may find that there is no scientific basis for issuing kangaroo cull permits.

We also have a Christmas treat opinion piece from the wonderful wordsmith Lawrence Pope and ripper Xmas poems from Jenny Moxham .... Now, it could be handy to memorise and recite these poems during times of omnivorous tension at the festive season dinner table. Australian Society for Kangaroos Jenny Moxham poems