Monique Luci & Tania Milton - Stop the dog & cat meat trade

Caged dog

We're in the studio with local representatives Monique Luci & Tania Milton of the global campaign to stop the dog & cat meat trade, who explain the extent of dog & cat consumption around the world including here in Australia, and why this is one of the very cruellest trades.   Monique & Tania are also organisers of a march scheduled for Melbourne on Saturday 2nd June, which is the campaign's Worldwide Awareness Day.

Stop The Dog And Cat Meat Trade Worldwide (link is external)

Event page for Melbourne's Worldwide Awareness Day march is external)

CORRECTION:  Monique & Tania wish to correct two figures provided in the interview.  The number of cats and dogs slaughtered annually worldwide for consumption is approximately 30 million.  And the number of dogs slaughtered for consumption annually in South Korea is approximately 2.5 million.