Making a Killing - Australian greyhound racing industry

It's two and a half months since ABC's Four Corners report broadcast Making a Killing – an expose into the illegal use of small animals – piglets, possums, rabbits - as live bait to train greyhounds.

The undercover footage featured in the program, supplied by Animal Liberation Queensland & Animals Australia, horrified the public and sent shockwaves through the Australian greyhound racing industry - charges have been laid, industry boards stood down, life bans handed out and government inquiries launched.

But what does this mean for the greyhounds born into the Australian greyhound racing industry ?

The program features:

Chay Neal, President of Animal Liberation Qld

Mark Townend, CEO of RSPCA Qld

Inez Hamilton-Smith, Greyhound Freedom & Gone are the Dogs

Lisa White, Friends of the Hound adoption group

Dr Eleonora Gullone, Animal Justice Party's National Greyhound Racing campaign coordinator



ABC's Four Corners episode, Making a Killing

 Australian Greyhound Awareness Walk. The goal of the walk is to promote the greyhound as a companion animal not a racing dog.

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