Mae Lee Sun -Wild Horse Journal

There is a lot yet to be researched and articulated  surrounding the issue of wild horses in Australia.  One thing is clear though.  Our wild horses are not being given a fair go when one takes into consideration the more current understandings of a wild horse in the ecology, let alone the immense suffering of a wild animal trapped & killed in a slaughterhouse for pet food.

Brumby advocates agree there needs to be management of horse populations as well as other populations around fragile areas, but a drastic & cruel decision to kill thousands of brumbies that has not been backed by peer-reviewed science?  No.

Our guest is Mae Lee Sun, editor of the comprehensive "Wild Horse Journal". We'll be talking about many issues surrounding wild horses in Australia including the Snowy brumby management plan designed to reduce the brumby population from 6000 to 600. 

It's not too late to voice your support for the Snowy brumbies! Please, PLEASE follow the link on how to:

Please look at the Wild Horse Journal & the Australian Brumby Alliance for more information:

Freedom of Species shows on brumbies:

Photo credit: Mae Lee Sun is pictured here with her rescued brumby Trooper.