Len Varley & Dr Elizabeth Hawkins - Taiji dolphins

Taiji, a small Japanese town, had a secret. This secret was exposed when the 2009 Academy Award–winning documentary, 'The Cove', hit big & small screens around the world.

'The Cove' documented the Taiji dolphin drive, an annual mass killing of dolphins and capture for the live dolphin trade. Although viewers were shocked by ocean water stained red with the blood of slain dolphins, these scenes continue today. We are currently mid-season of what has been dubbed the ‘Taiji dolphin massacre’.

Len Varley is a passionate marine conservationist and activist. He has made three visits to the notorious Taiji cove. His experience has inspired two books, 'Salt Water Tears' and 'Deeper Water'. Len is the co-founder of marine conservation group, Freedom Blue.

Dr Elizabeth Hawkins, Founding Director and Executive Officer of Dolphin Research Australia Inc., provides an Australian perspective.


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