Land clearing & threatened species

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater?  It appears current feverish land clearing, mostly for pastoral animal agriculture, makes a mockery of efforts & money to protect threatened species, biodiversity & climate change mitigation.  We chat with Dr Hugh Finn from Curtin Law School who wants the animal welfare implications of land clearing addressed, April Reside from Queensland University about the crazy levels of land clearing happening there now, & Fiona Probyn-Rapsey from UNSW about why we have an unhelpful blind spot when it comes to land use and animal agriculture.

Further information, including the history of land clearing in Qld, courteousy of the Wilderness Society:

Here's the link to the APEEL organisation April Reside mentioned:

Mentioned articles of interest:

Hugh Finn

April Reside

Listen to this thought-provoking talk by Fiona Probyn-Rapsey entitled  "The Feral Amongst Us":

Africa has the lion. Australia has the dingo as our apex predator yet, as Fiona mentioned, we kill them in the most cruel manner as they do not fit into the designs of animal agriculture. If you take away the mismanagement of humans in our natural environments, the dingo is much better than the human at managing our native species & controlling species we label as pest or feral. The science is out on this one! For more information on the dingo/wild dog:

The Centre for Compassionate Conservation has a conference from 20 - 24th November: