Jessica Ison - new FoS team member


That's right, we are excited to be adding a few strings to our bow.

We'll be introducing our new team member, Jessica Ison, launching a Lawrence Pope opinion piece segment and announcing a new addition to our website.
Jess is a writer, activist and PhD candidate at Latrobe University focusing on queer theory and animal liberation. She is a member of the Barmah-Millewa Collective of Friends of the Earth. Of particular interest is the collective's efforts to start up a platypus campaign in the Murray Darling. In cold winters Jess braves shotguns and witnesses acts of shooters' cruelty as a rescuer for The Coalition Against Duck Shooting. Jessica is also compiling a book of queer critiques of gay marriage in Australia called To The Exclusion of All Others.
And just an aside (!) she also happens to be the representative for the Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania.

As a debut interview, Jess will be catching up with Carolyn Drew, spokesperson for Animal Liberation ACT, about the annual, government sanctioned kangaroo kills on Canberra nature reserves.

Lawrence Pope is also a writer and activist, renowned for his letters to the editor. We are thrilled to be able to include his wordsmith wizardry in a new opinion piece segment. Enjoy and be inspired ... one well-penned piece can sway many a 'Letters to the Editor' reader.

Listen in to hear how our new strings will help us play a louder and richer animal advocacy tune!

 Animal Liberation ACT

Friends of the Earth

Institute for Critical Animal Studies