Emma & Lorna - Stop UK Repression

Stop UK Repression

An interview with Emma & Lorna from "Stop UK Repression". Emma & Lorna discuss their recent trial at the Old Bailey, which was the cumulation of a major UK police operation mounted in response to a peaceful five minute demonstration and leafleting session. They then go on to discuss the ways in which the British government uses the law to harass political activists, and what activists are doing in response. This interview was recorded at the UK Animal Rights gathering in August 2013.

Stop UK Repression was formed to create a network of resistance and solidarity with people in the UK who are experiencing state repression due to their political beliefs and alleged involvement in campaigns, protest groups and activism.

This campaign has been formed primarily due to increasingly disproportionate, heavy-handed and alarming tactics being used by the UK state against animal liberation activists. Repressive tactics have escalated to a shocking level in the past years, with the use of heavy laws, police violence, intrusive surveillance, dawn raids (with many cases being dropped at a later point), severe restrictions, arrests, and even imprisonment – using serious laws originally devised for other types of crimes. Regular activities carried out by people against animal cruelty have slowly been criminalised, and large groups of people have been dragged into court cases under new laws or the distortion of existing ones.

Individuals seen as animal rights activists who find themselves being forced through the legal system – often charged with an “offence” that was not a crime in the first place – are often left with extreme restrictions even once a sentence has been completed; their social lives, use of the internet, hobbies, living accommodation and job choices are all heavily controlled or banned entirely.

Stop UK Repression website http://www.stopukrepression.org/