Emma Hurst - 2015 Animal Activist Forum presentation

Emma Hurst is a Registered Psychologist, BA(Psy), PGDip(Psy), M(HealthPsy) and the Campaign Director at Animal Liberation, a New South Wales-based animal rights charity that works to end the suffering of exploited and confined animals

This podcast is Emma Hurst's presentation at the 2015 Animal Activist Forum, Using Psycholinguistics to Create Strong Messages for Change.

Emma discusses how the meat and dairy industries uses psycholinguistics - the psychology of language - to create strong messages to encourage the consumption of animal products.

On the flip side, Emma suggests the animal protection movement can also use psycholinguistics to craft powerful messages to effectively counter the livestock industries' claims and to encourage a reduction or even elimination of animal product consumption.


Animal Liberation NSW http://www.animal-lib.org.au/

The Centre for Story-based Strategy http://www.storybasedstrategy.org/

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