Doug Gimesy, conservation & wildlife photographer & Knitting Nannas of Toolangi

Conservation & wildlife photographer Doug Gimesy, Finalist for the 2016 Wildlife Photograph of the Year awards for the image, "Caring for Joey" joins us in the studio today. The awards exhibit, including his work, is on until May 15th In Geelong.  Please sign his "Fast Roads, Slow Deaths" petition to change the speed limit on Kangaroo Island to reduce wildlife trauma and deaths.

ALARM BELLS -Our Victorian Forests & the inhabitants within are threatened more than ever. The Knitting Nannas of Toolangi  also stopped by the studio to give us an update & tell us how we can take action to stop this destruction of places we love to visit  & that many species need to survive. Sing up the forest  with these Singing for Toolangi events:

WOTCH - the volunteer surveryors mentioned in the programme doing what should be VicForests job!

For more info on the first  Forest Agreement annouced Friday:

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Photograph courtesy & copyright of Doug Gimesy