The Dairy Debate



It was this common sense comment from comedian and Nova radio presenter, Dave Hughes, that sent the dairy industry and the newly-formed dairy lobby group, Farmer Power, into defence mode and damage control.

Why is common sense thinking so threatening to the dairy industry?

Freedom of Species takes a look behind the dairy farm gate, we get nutrition facts NOT paid for by the dairy industry and discover some tasty dairy-free alternatives that are just an arm’s reach away from you in the supermarket.

First up on the program we have Kirsten, one of The Dairy Debate organisers, explaining how a radio talkback caller mentioning that he had given up milk has resulted in the dairy industry being challenged to a public debate to defend the facts and not the legend about the dairy industry and dairy products.

We also hear from Melina Tensen, RSPCA Senior Scientist (farm animals), who discusses animal welfare in the dairy industry.

Finally,  Accredited Practising Dietitian, Amanda Benham, provides advice about dairy in our diet – is it natural, necessary or, indeed, nice?

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