"Cash Cow" & conversations about dairy cows

We chat with many illuminating minds about dairy cows, including Elise Desaulniers, the author of "Cash Cow - Ten Myths about the Dairy Industry".

Why is China encouraging the consumption of dairy whilst at the same time discouraging meat consumption in the latest dietary guidelines?   

We also chat with Mia Macdonald from Brighter Green, a public policy action tank that works to raise awareness of issues that span the environment, animals & sustainability, and with Wanqing Zhou from the Worldwatch Institute about dairy in China. 

We are also grateful for the insightful contributions of Adam Cardilini from VeganSci & Tim Oseckas, a devoted Animal Liberation Victoria volunteer.

Thank you Elizabeth from Veganthused for the song "Mother & Child", written by Elizabeth Usher and James Donnelly, with the track being MC Pony featuring James and Naomi. 

For more information about dairy cows in Australia:

Cow Truth - Animal Liberation Victoria: http://www.alv.org.au/cow-truth/

Voiceless Animal Protection: https://www.voiceless.org.au/the-issues/dairy-cows

Animals Australia: http://www.animalsaustralia.org/factsheets/dairy_cows.php