Aussie Farms - inside Australian intensive piggeries

What is done in the dark will be brought to the light - witnessing modern-day intensive livestock agriculture in Australia.

The animal activist organisation, Aussie Farms, shines a light on the reality of intensive farming by posting anonymously-obtained, undercover footage from inside Australian intensive livestock production facilities.

This Sunday we talk to Christopher Delforce, Aussie Farms Operations Director, about what the footage reveals about the lives of pigs born, bred and slaughtered within these highly mechanised production systems.

Although illegally obtained footage is not admissible in court, it has been critical in triggering investigations that have led to successful animal cruelty prosecutions.

Given Aussie Farms’ ever-increasing portfolio of undercover footage exposing gross animal cruelty, the industry’s claim of ‘rogue operators’ being responsible for animal welfare breaches is being challenged by something far more threatening to the industry; that animals in Australian livestock production industries are exposed to profound and inexcusable cruelty due to industry codes of practice ‘loopholes’ that exclude production animals from the protection of existing animal welfare legislation. 

Time to shine some light…

The program also features:
Paul Mahony Co-founder Melbourne Pig Save
Emma Haswell, Founder Brightside Farm Sanctuary

Aussie Farms