Animal Activist Forum - Pam Ahern

Pam Ahern is the Founder and Director of farmed animal sanctuary Edgar's Mission (Victoria, Australia). 

This is her presentation from the 2017 Australian Animal Activist Forum. She spoke about her journey of self-discovery from animal lover to animal advocate as she explores the role of farm sanctuaries in the bigger picture of creating a kinder world for animals. Pam punctuates her stories with adjectives of love and admiration for each unique animal; handsome Red Baron rooster, dashing Edgar Allan Pig, outrageous Leon Trotsky and non-judgemental Vet nurse Ruby. It not only makes your heart sing, it makes for super-effective animal advocacy.

This is the perfect show to share with friends and family who may not 'get' why you are vegan or those who love animals but are still on the 'journey' towards kindness for all.

Freedom of Species would like to thank Pam Ahern and the Animal Activist Forum organisers for granting permission to broadcast this talk.

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