Andrew Knight on vegan dogs & cats and Katie Batty on Overpopulation

We share two talks: One about vegan companion animals and the other discusses human population and why it's important to think about it in relation to animals.

Andrew Knight -  Vegan Companion Animals

This talk was recorded at the 2017 Animal Activists Forum.

Biography: Andrew Knight is Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics, and Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare, at the University of Winchester; a European and RCVS Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law; an American Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare; and a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. Andrew has over 65 academic publications and a series of YouTube videos on animal issues.

For more on Professor Andrew Knight’s research on vegan companion animals, visit his website:

Katie Batty  -  Human overpopulation

Katie Batty’s talk ‘How human overpopulation impacts other animals and what you can do about it’ is from the 2017 Institute for Critical Animal Studies (Oceania) conference. You can view the PowerPoint presentation for this talk here.

Biography: Katie Batty is a social justice lawyer and long-time animal rights activist. In her spare time, she volunteers as a lawyer for refugees and co-hosts a political podcast, Progressive Podcast Australia.