Anarchism & Animal Liberation

A panel discussion from the 2016 Institute for Critical Animal Studies Oceania Conference, held in Canberra (Australia).

Panelists: Three Australian activist scholars - Jess Ison, Nick Pendergrast and Lara Drew. 

The panelists reflect on their experiences of anarchism and animal liberation; a critical dialogue into the causes of speciesism whilst taking a broader view of social justice and the nature of oppression. 

Animal advocates have long argued that veganism is a necessary step within the goal of animal liberation; however, on its own it is not enough. A vegan ethic has the most promise if it is also anti-capitalist, against all forms of domination, and was one that embraced practices of total liberation underpinned by radical activism. 

Jessica Ison is the Representative for Institute for Critical Animal Studies in Oceania. She is a PhD candidate at La Trobe University and a tutor in Gender Studies and Animal Studies. Jess is a rescuer for the Coalition Against Duck Shooting and her writing can be found in Overland. 

Lara Drew is a final year PhD candidate at the University of Canberra. Her principal research lies in the field of learning and pedagogy, radical education, community development, activism, and critical animal studies. Lara’s other research and writing activities include feminism and the body, and anarchist and anticapitalist positions. Lara is a project director for the Oceania Institute for Critical Animal Studies chapter and participates in various grassroots campaigns.

Nick Pendergrast has had many years of experience as a vegan advocate. He has also been active in other social movements and co-hosts the intersectional, political podcast Progressive Podcast Australia . He has a PhD in Sociology and his thesis applied sociological theories on social movements and organisations to the animal advocacy movement. He also teaches Sociology at the University of Melbourne and Criminology at Deakin University.