Amanda Leeper - Chick hatching programs in schools

Amanda Leeper talks about the cruel realities behind the chick hatching programs commonly run by Australian primary schools, kindergartens and child-care centres.  At face value, these programs seem to be a cute cuddly experience for all involved but the reality is very different, and the learning outcomes for the children are not necessarily positive.  Having successfully lobbied her local council and primary school to discontinue their hatching programs, Amanda is well-qualified to share her experiences and tips on how to speak out on behalf of these most vulnerable.


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Correction from a listener:

"There was one inaccuracy in the information presented. It was said that the Australian Code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes was voluntary, whereas it is certainly a mandatory code in Qld and according to this website is also mandatory in Victoria.  In relation to chicken hatching this means it is mandatory to use alternatives to chicken hatching in schools if alternatives achieve the same educational outcomes (and of course there are many quality alternatives). Unfortunately the Qld Schools animal ethics committee is failing to enforce the Code properly in still giving approval for these projects in schools. Unfortunately also, because chicken hatching in kindergartens and child care centres is regarded as merely a 'fun' activity for the younger children (i.e. no scientific teaching purpose), we at ALQ have been advised that therefore no ethics committee is required to approve chicken hatching in these institutions - a real loophole. "