When you enter the dark halls of lethal control we use for wildlife population and "'pest control" 1080 poison is banned in most countries as an option -it is undeniably death by torture and it kills indiscriminately yet Australia still orders it in big time to use in our National parks, pastoral land & many large landholdings. We discuss the current state of 1080 usage in Australia with Andy Meddick from the Animal Justice Party & Adam O'Neill from the Dingo for Biodiversity Project will explain why 1080 baiting is a big player in the decimation of Koala populations in south east QLD.
This dingo below in a stable pack structure can look after our ecology much better than we can and can do it for free.....why aren't we letting them exist?
**Photo courteousy of the Dingo for Biodiversity Project.

Please sign  the petition to stop 1080 baiting in Australia : https://www.change.org/p/barnaby-joyce-stop-the-use-of-1080-poison-in-au...