Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored. 

- Alice Walker

Freedom of Species is about animals.

Humans are just one of the nearly nine million species sharing this planet. For one hour a week we put the 'other' animals up front and centre.

It's not just a David Attenborough animal love-fest... although, we do love Sir A.

Freedom of Species radio show draws on all disciplines that have a fascination, an appreciation, and a belief in a better world for all animals: conservation, philosophy, sociology, art, literature, science, film, history, politics and the vegan and animal rights movements.

The show is hosted by Melbourne-based animal advocates, presenting local & international interviews, presentations, and music from this vibrant social justice movement.

Tune in to hear debates and updates on a broad range of animal issues - from frontline activism to academic theory, good tunes, and tips on compassionate living. Yes, you can have your vegan cake and everyone wants to eat it too!

Proud to be a part of the 3CR community!


Freedom of Species gratefully acknowledges the support of Voiceless.  Freedom of Species is undertaking a campaign to promote our show to the broader community. This is possible due to the generous assistance provided through the 2011 Voiceless Grants Program.